Brompton: The Hand Built Folding Bike

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Brompton: The Hand Built Folding Bike

When Andrew Ritchey first designed and envisioned the Brompton folding bike, it was with the spirit that his would be the best designed, best built, and best loved folding bike in all the world. Now, more than 34 years later, his incredible hand built folding bike is world renowned for its genius design, sturdy construction, and fanatical owners. The dream, it seems, has been fulfilled. But this is really no surprise when you consider the standards of quality manufacturing and excellence in engineering to which the Brompton folding bike is held. The Brompton, even among hand built folding bikes, stands out as one of the most well built folding bikes out there.

A folding bike constantly refined

Part of what makes the Brompton so fantastic is it's singular nature. Brompton, the company, produces only one folding bike. As a result, their one brilliant design is in a state of constant scrutiny, focus, and improvement. Their hand built folding bike has changed quite a bit over the years. Problems were addressed and performance tweaked, but sacrifices in quality have never been made at Brompton for the sake of trends or fads. With the Brompton folding bike you can always expect the best and most useful features, not those which they expect will sell a few extra bikes for novelty. Functionality has always been a prime characteristic of the Brompton design.

When it comes to hand built folding bikes Brompton doesn't just stop at building the bike itself. With such a compact and unique design the Brompton cannot be fitted with standard bicycle components. In order to save weight, guarantee quality, and ensure compatibility they actually build around three quarters of all the parts on the bike right in their factory. And, going a step further, they even design and build the machines and tools to build these parts!

How a hand built folding bike from Brompton comes together

Brazing is a big part of the process that makes a Brompton unique. Brazing is similar to welding but uses less heat. This causes less distortion in the metal and makes the bicycle more rigid. The process is not simple and it takes a skilled technician some time to do a quality job. Hand brazing each part of the frame together is what really makes the Brompton a hand built folding bike. Instead of outsourcing the frame building to Asia or implementing faster and more cost effective techniques for frame building, Brompton has stuck to the traditional method of building bicycles by hand. The results of the 7 man hours that go into every Brompton hand built folding bike are obvious craftsmanship and quality.

Brompton: The most well made folding bike

Brompton has always been a hands on kind of company and their folding bikes reflect that spirit. They are built for the every day cyclist who depends upon reliable transportation. Thanks to a unwavering dedication to quality workmanship Brompton hand built folding bikes have earned a reputation of durability, dependability, and down right fun. It's not everyday you find a company who cares so much about building hand built folding bikes, that's what sets the Brompton folding bike apart.