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H- Hubs, Gears, Derailleur, and Controls

Hubs, gears, derailleurs and controls are hard-working parts that are crucial to your Brompton folding bicycle running its best. If any of these parts on your Brompton folding bike has worn out or has been damaged, check out our website to find a replacement. NYCeWheels carries a selection of Brompton hubs, bears, derailleurs and controls at reasonable prices with fast shipping directly to you, so you can get back on the road again as soon as possible and enjoy peak performance from your Brompton folding bike.

Our inventory of hubs, gears, derailleurs and controls for Brompton folding bikes includes items such as gear cables and derailleur cables, cable pulley assemblies, gear cable anchorages and more. We carry items as small and simple as nuts and other fasteners and bigger and more complex parts such as Brompton wide-range hubs.

All Brompton folding bike parts come with full warranty, however you will not be covered under the manufacturers warranty or will get support installing the Brompton replacement part if it is not performed by a professional bicycle mechanic.

Please be careful to select the correct replacement part since we cannot take returns on parts.
PARTS LIST WITH IMAGES, click to view & download

If you are looking for a Brompton part that is not available to order online, please email us the part number from the parts list. (we do not take parts orders over the phone) We can special order any part with our next order coming in from the UK as long as you can email us the Brompton part number. (It will take about 2-4 weeks or if you want to pay around $30 to $50 for 5 day express shipping)