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Brompton M6L Standard (8 Reviews)

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Modify your Brompton

Get your Brompton the way you want it without waiting for a custom order! We can modify an in-stock Brompton to suit your needs!

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Front Carrier Block - Mount a front bag to your bike! 
Choose a Bag to go on your carrier block 

Choose from Brompton's extensive front luggage options! 

Seat Post Length and Style 

Make sure you get the right post for your height! We offer all stock Brompton seat posts, and an after market carbon seatpost for those looking to reduce weight on the bike! 


Choose from standard Brompton saddles or treat yourself to a premium Brooks saddle. The Brooks leather saddles form to your body overtime for maximum comfort and style, while the cambium brings the classic Brooks look to a weatherproof saddle.  

Lighting Options 

Brighten the road ahead (and behind) with these Brompton specific lights! All light sets include a front and rear light. 


Select from these schwalbe tires. Kojaks are built for speed, marathons and marathon plus are great for puncture proteciton, and the stock marathon race is a nice balance of both! 

Gear Ratio 

Decrease your gearing to make hill climbing easier, or increase it for more potential speed! 


Ergon grips help spread the pressure across your palms, providing more comfort for those longer rides. 

Rear Rack 

A rear rack allows you to roll the bike when folded very easily, and of course carry cargo!

Rack Bag 

Carry cargo on your rear rack! 


Add the Brompton toolkit for quick flat fixes and adjustments on the road, stays inside your bike so it's always there when you need it! 

Bags and cases for your Brompton 

Need to transport your Brompton? Whether you're flying or just packing it in the trunk, we've got the options! 

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Product information "Brompton M6L Standard"
Wheel Size: 16
Weight: 26 lbs
Speeds: 6
The Brompton M6L offers the comfortable M-style handlebar and 6 speeds. The six-speed set up is a dual-drive system, employing both the two-speed derailleur and the three-speed hub. With six speeds, most hills should be a breeze. This model is meant for steeper terrain and longer distances. The Schwalbe Marathon tires are durable and flat resistant, which makes the bike great for any and all rides.

A Brompton is the perfect bicycle for the city, touring, traveling, and well...just about anything! It folds down to a portable, practical size so can be taken on other forms of public and private transport. It can also be taken inside homes, offices, bars so it is a lot less likely to be stolen.

Its ride position and agility are more than a match for conventional bicycles. Small wheels mean fast acceleration from red lights and increased maneuverability through busy streets.

It is tough and can take everything the city throws at it, every day. A steel frame, efficient and puncture resistant tires, handmade with high build quality and a design that has been refined over 25 years means Brompton bikes provide years of regular city use and beyond. They may not look tough, but never judge a book by its cover, this bike can be pushed to high limits and will last for years to come. Bromptons also have an array of front luggage that can all be applied to the same front carrier block, making the Brompton one of the best folding bikes to load up with cargo. We offer the largest stock in the US of these high quality folding bikes.

This bike has a regular Brompton M handlebar. It is the most popular handlebar for a reason, which gives you a riding position that is perfect to around town in. It's not too high, not too low, but right in the middle!

The L version Brompton is the most popular, and offers a front and rear mudguard set that helps keep you and your Brompton fresh and clean. The rear mudguard comes with a roller wheel to help support and roll the bike while its folded, giving it some added functionality while protecting your back from any spray. Smaller wheels tend to spray water higher, so the front mudguard has a large flap to prevent any spray on your legs as well.

The six speed is the "do everything" gear option for Brompton. With gears ranging from 33 to 100 gear inches, this bike comes packed with gears for whatever the road throws at you. The gear setup is most popular for travelers, and those who ride in hillier areas. The 6 speed is the clear cut favorite among Brompton users for its versatility.

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Rating 8
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(8 Reviews)
15 Jul 2018

Great bike

I bought this bike for my girlfriend as a engagement bike!

5 Aug 2017

Lovely Bicycle.

The fact that this bike can go anywhere with me already makes it my most ridden and most enjoyable. Based on the fact that it has been on a plane with me and numerous train rides it has easily septupled the distance gone on my previous road bike. It's only downfall is its steep uphill abilities. The small wheels and suspension provide a lot of wasted effort. Otherwise, it's perfect.

26 Apr 2017

BrompTon M6L Berry Crush

Easy transaction - shipped fast and free! I called them at one point to inquire about a charge, they assured me it would be rectified ASAP and at the same time I was able to make a change to my order with no problem. awesome service and friendly staff.

26 Jan 2017


The bike is awesome! I wish I ordered the easy wheels.

5 Sep 2016

Love our Bromptons

Our bikes arrived right on time and perfectly tuned. We did have a miscommunication on the seat post height but NYCeWheels took care of the problem immediately.

5 Jun 2016

Quick processing and great customer service!

I bought a Brompton bike from NYCe Wheels, and I love it!

After placing my order, I decided that the color I picked was not what I actually wanted. I quickly used the online chat option to talk to a rep at NYCe Wheels, and they were excellent! The rep informed me the color I wanted was only available in a lower model but could be updated, and he could change the order for me. He said he personally walked the bike back to the shop to have it upgraded to the model I wanted, he processed the payment difference, and had it on my front door in less than a week!

The only complaint that I have was the original bike color I ordered wasn't in stock despite the website saying it was a ready to ship color. I didn't get a notification, and if I hadn't changed my mind, I would have been waiting much longer for a bike that was supposed to be ready for immediate shipping.

Very happy with the product, and very happy with the service.

14 Jan 2016


Truly an excellent ride. The bike keeps it simple . It's easy to maintain.

11 Jan 2016

A practical, well-built bike

My Brompton is great. I live in a hilly region, and the 6speed option is mandatory. I wish some of the components weren’t so plasticky, but everything works well.


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