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M- Mudguards, Stays, and Fittings

Mudguards are a convenience for some and a necessity for others. If you commute to work or school on your Brompton folding bike, they're a necessity, because they'll keep your clothes clean and dry. They'll also help keep mud, dirt and grit out of your bike's moving parts. At NYCeWheels, we carry a deep stock of mudguards, stays and fittings designed for Brompton folding bikes.

Our inventory of mudguards includes mud flaps for the front and rear of a wide range of Brompton folding bicycles, including L and R models. We also have mudguards specifically crafted for dynamo-equipped Brompton folding bikes. In addition, we carry basic necessities for mounting mudguards to your Brompton, such as roller assemblies and screws.

If you have any questions about what mudguards can do for you and your Brompton folding bike or which one's right for you, just ask the experts at NYCeWheels.

All Brompton folding bike parts come with full warranty, however you will not be covered under the manufacturers warranty or will get support installing the Brompton replacement part if it is not performed by a professional bicycle mechanic.

Please be careful to select the correct replacement part since we cannot take returns on parts.
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If you are looking for a Brompton part that is not available to order online, please email us the part number from the parts list. (we do not take parts orders over the phone) We can special order any part with our next order coming in from the UK as long as you can email us the Brompton part number. (It will take about 2-4 weeks or if you want to pay around $30 to $50 for 5 day express shipping)