Brompton NYC riding

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Brompton NYC riding

Brompton ride | November 28, 2007
My RED BROMPTON and his [email protected] River Greenway

This morning I woke up early and it was a clear blue autumn sky. The perfect day for riding my new Brompton folding bike along the Hudson River Greenway.
And truly it was.

Starting out from the upper east, I cycled through the bright crispy yellow and orange leaves of Central Park, gazing up into the sky and to the right and left, taking in the scenery. I have read in a scientific article once, that the speed of cycling is the ideal speed that a human being can and acknowledge the scenic views, that one passes. And today that was confirmed.

Cycling in the Park from the upper east side from 72nd, down and through to the west side of the Park, until reaching Riverside Park, one would need to be cautious of the other cars. However, once you reach Riverside park, and cycle along their Greenway, its liberating. You frequently pass by civilized people running, walking or on their roller blades passing by, enjoying the scene and quiet moments to themselves.

Passing by one street every other minute, you see parts of Manhattan one would never see, unless you cycled. Finding the many piers that existed along the Hudson, finding small parks along this trail and seeing the other side of the river, with the big sky in the background changing colors during the early morning and late afternoon...
Stopped at Tribeca for some lunch with friends and headed back late afternoon.

As the sun was slowly going down, and the air getting cooler and brisk, took the Hudson River Greenway back to 72nd and went through Central Park again. Now in the dark with some dim street lights, passed by an old man playing the sax in the background, and with the bright yellow leaves falling above me. It was certainly the moment to devour. The moment of one quietly appreciates the delights of the late autumn season in Manhattan.

Though altogether it was only three hours of cycling, this is what a simple but well designed urban folding bike has allowed me to see today.

June, NY
NYC on a Brompton folding bike