The Brompton Goes Yachting

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The Brompton Goes Yachting

One of the most fantastic aspects of yachting is exploring new places and seeing new things. While this can be done on foot it is a hundred times more exciting, and more convenient, with a folding bike like the Brompton. Where it might have taken hours of walking just to get to that perfect little villa you'd heard about 5 miles inland, on a Brompton folding bike you can be there in around 30 minutes. Take in the sights and explore a little bit, you have time with a folding bike. Going on a picnic is so much easier when you can carry some sandwiches and a bottle of wine in one of many Brompton accessory bags while pedaling to your destination. When you're ready to set sail just fold it up and easily stow it away, leaving precious deck space free and uncluttered.

Why boat with a Brompton?

For one thing, the Brompton takes up hardly any space at all. That alone is enough to recommend it over most folding bikes. Tucked neatly away in its cover, compact and clean, the Brompton fades into the background. Be sure to make the most of your space. Folded and tucked deftly away the Brompton takes up a mere 1.9 ft by 1.85 ft by .88 ft (58.5 cm by 56.5 cm by 27 cm). That's barely more than a large pillow or two life jackets. With such compact dimensions you can fit the Brompton almost anywhere.

Another great advantage of the Brompton is that it will not come unfolded when jostled or banged about. The value of a folding bike that stays folded is obvious, no one wants to be carrying a bike that springs apart on them at the worst moment. Thanks to the clever way in which a Brompton's the seat tube locks the whole package together you will never find your precious folding bike half opened or damaged after rough seas or a taxi ride.

Which Brompton is best for yachting?

Of all the Brompton bikes, I'd say the best for yachting is the Brompton M3R. With a sturdy rear rack, fenders, and a three speed internal hub, this bike is built to go a long way between service and tune ups. The rear rack is always handy for carrying heavier loads, and with one of many optional front bags you can carry anything from groceries to scuba gear. The three speed internal hub has plenty of gears for short to medium trips with moderate hills. Fully enclosed to keep out dirt and salt air, you can be sure of many years of reliable use from one of these superbly made hubs.

There are thousands of new adventures awaiting you just beyond shore. When it comes time to take a few days in port, there is no better way to explore than on a Brompton folding bike. These tough and classy bicycles will give you years of reliable service in a package small enough to tuck away just below deck. Old salts and land-lubbers agree: the Brompton is best whether by land or by sea.