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The Brompton bike is unique. The most compact folding bicycle on the market, it's perfect for those who live in cramped spaces or who are on the road in small vehicles, at sea in small boats or even in the air in small planes. You can easily take it on a train or a bus and even slip it under your restaurant table while having a meal.

NYCeWheels offers an outstanding selection of Brompton bikes at competitive prices. We understand the quality and convenience of U.K.-made Brompton bikes. In fact, everyone in our shop owns and uses one.

In addition to selling Brompton bikes made exactly to your custom specifications, we also carry a large assortment of parts and accessories for the Brompton folding bike. We even have DVDs exploring the history of these fascinating, ingenious machines. If you have any questions about Brompton folding bikes, just ask the experts at NYCeWheels.

Custom Brompton Folding Bikes

Where would NYCeWheels be without the unique Brompton folding bike? A genius folding design makes this the most compact folding bicycle available. It fits on a train, a bus, in a coat check, and under the table at a restaurant. You can literally take it anywhere.

Hand-built in the U.K., Brompton lets you customize your bike directly from their factory. You pick your colors, gears, handlebar style, etc. It doesn't get much more personalized than that. There is also a plethora of accessories to choose from, like bags, lights, racks, and suitcases.

I'm not exaggerating when I say that every NYCeWheels employee rides a Brompton folding bicycle. From Shoi's pink M3L to Mark's raw lacquer S2L to Izzy's Orange M3L, everyone has their own personalized bike. Even Bert managed to electrify his Brompton, and has a basket on the front for Mr. Bailey. Do we love Bromptons? You bet we do.

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