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Brooks B-67 Standard saddle (2 Reviews)



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Product information "Brooks B-67 Standard saddle"
The Brooks B-67 was designed with comfort in mind. Not only does this wide saddle use the best quality leather, it provides a slight suspension using large springs. This is the best long-distance saddle.

The Brooks B-67 Saddle is the most comfortable Brooks saddle available. With large springs under the quality leather seat, this saddle will provide comfortable suspension, even in the roughest riding conditions.

Brooks B-67 Features:


  • Comfortable, high-quality leather saddle
  • Bag loops to install saddle bags
  • Can be adjusted as it breaks in
  • Large suspension springs



The Brooks B-67 saddle allows the rider to adjust the tension of the leather as it wears, using an easily accessible bolt. Brooks also offers a leather conditioner, to help preserve the saddle.

Not only is this saddle made from the best quality leather, it's also the most stylish saddle out there!

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Rating 2
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(2 Reviews)
13 Mar 2016

Brooks B-67 Saddle

I liked me B17, however wanted to try something a bit wider for rides of over an hour. The extra width and different shape of the B-67 grabs the sit bones better, however it has a bit shorter nose than the B-67. The shorter nose lessens overall control. Also the springs are a bit too bouncy under heavy peddling. This is a more comfortable saddle overall for long distances, but it sacrifices performance. No surprise. It is excellent for casual commuting or riding about. A great product.

19 Jan 2016

brooks leather saddle seat

I am glad I upgraded my Stromer St1 seat to a brooks. Very comfortable.





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