How to break in a Brooks leather saddle

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How to break in a Brooks leather saddle

My Brooks saddle has gone from an uncomfortable hard leather saddle to a nicely broken in leather saddle

It's been quite a journey up to this point. My Brooks leather saddle has made a complete transformation. Gone are the days of discomfort and hard unforgiving leather. Hello to the future of fantastic comfort.

I got my Brooks B17 Champion Special earlier this year and have been recording the process of breaking it in through a series of blogs to inform readers who may be interested in getting one of these fantastic leather saddles. It's a tough decision for most people. I hope this blog series will help people figure out whether such a unique saddle is right for them.

  1. Peter's Semi-New Brooks Saddle, Mile 150
  2. Peter's Nicely Used Brooks Saddle, Mile 400+

Is it worth it? Well, although leather saddles can be expensive and take time to break in I have to say I am now considering starting to break in another. It's just fun to experience the change as the leather saddle becomes more and more molded to your body. If I do start breaking in another saddle it will be the black Brooks B17.

I am currently commuting to work everyday on my Brooks. The only issue I am dealing with is rain. I've been using a plastic bag to protect the leather's finish but I really should be getting a saddle cover. A plastic bag works well but it tends to rip after awhile and it looks sort of silly. With a good Brooks saddle cover I wouldn't have to think twice about going for a ride.

The saddle itself has taken on some nice character. A few nicks and scuffs let me know that I've been really using it, not just looking at it amicably. There is some discoloration from rain on the nose but I think that actually looks nice. The leather has stretched out under my sit bones but remains firm and supportive.

After 1200 miles my Brooks leather saddle is really comfortable I have to say I fully endorse Brooks saddles, at least the kind I own. I'll probably start breaking in another one at some point, that way I can have two. And who wouldn't want two?