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For many years Bulls, has only built independent models with geometries, dampening and drive technology precisely designed for the respective usage area.
Based on many different systems Bulls has created a great variety of athletic E-Bikes. From classical E-MTBs for quick evening rounds in the light terrain to the E-Fullys for fasster off-road riders. With Bosch and Brose, BULLS offers the leading manufacturers of powerful off-road-capable drive systems.By using carbon as the frame material, BULLS additionally expands the E-BIKE offer with road models.

Technology - Bulls ebikes

Choose from one of the best electric drive systems

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The Bosch Drive Unit ensures perfect pedal-powered responsiveness to the rider’s every move, thanks to its three principle sensors constantly monitoring power, cadence and speed. Gear changes and torque are automatically synchronized, leading to lower drivetrain wear and more precise gear changes. BULLS eBikes are exclusively powered by Bosch’s Performance CX drive unit, the ultimate motor for off-road riding with increased torque, power delivery and an optimized center of gravity.
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Based on the steering motor that has been produced a million times for the car industry, BROSE has perfected a drive concept for high-quality eBikes over the years. Nearly silent and vibration-free, the gear motor produced entirely in Germany entices with strength and smoothness. Both powerful and harmonious, the motor supplies the perfect pedaling support. With the seamless and uncompromising frame design, the motor integrates perfectly into all BULLS eBikes.
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SR Suntour

Every system requires powerful and reliable propulsion. The ATS rear-wheel drive is the heart of Suntour ATS system and is available immediately as a power package for E-45 speed pedelecs such as BULLS Outlaw E45. With its 80Nm torque and 500W power (max. 750W) it ensures an impressive start and thrust directly at the rear. It has virtually no power loss and is still lively and agile beyond the 25mph mark. The more powerful the rear-wheel drive, the less load is felt at the chain ring, chain, and cassette.
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