Folding Bikes and Folding Trailers

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Folding Bikes and Folding Trailers

Let's face it: if you live in New York City, you have a small apartment. There's no doubt about it. With 8 million people living on a small island, it's unlikely that a lot of them own cars. Though city residents have been using alternative transportation for many years, the regular use of a bicycle as a viable commuter vehicle has not been accepted until recently. The widespread construction of bike lanes throughout the city, as well as efforts from groups like Transportation Alternatives are helping to get more people out of dark, musty subway stations and back on the streets. Of course, riding a bicycle in the city necessitates a storage space - something that many residents do not have. One solution? A folding bicycle.

The Folding Bicycle for a Compact Lifestyle

Folding bicycles still have many skeptics, despite the huge advancements made in the last few years regarding stability and quality of these small-wheeled bikes. However, it is the folded dimensions of these kinds of bikes that allow them to store inside closets, under beds, or hang on the wall easily. For a Manhattan apartment, the ability to carry it up a five floor walk-up is a huge advantage. No longer is storage an issue.

Dahon folding bikes and Brompton folding bikes are some of the most popular bikes for commuters in the city because of their small shape. During a daily commute, these bikes would fare just fine, handling the everyday city streets. Sometimes, though, the convenience of having the trunk storage of a car cannot be topped. A bicycle simply cannot carry that much cargo. That's why the most die-hard eco-friendly commuters are riding with bicycle trailers.

Bicycle Trailers Replace Car Trunks

Bicycles in the city are great for most everything except carrying cargo. Whether it's camping gear, picnic supplies, or musical equipment, the option of towing cargo by bicycle beats the hassle of driving a car any day. The new Burley Travoy folding bicycle trailer clamps on to the seat post of any bike, folding bikes included, and will hold up to 60 lbs of cargo. Additionally, it detaches and can be used as a hand trunk. The low-profile Burley bicycle trailers are great for the compact city life, as the Travoy can fold up to the size of a small briefcase and fit inside a carrying bag when it's not in use.

Other Burley trailers like the Flatbed Trailer are advantageous for much larger quantities of cargo, like small furniture or perhaps a drum set. The Burley Flatbed Trailer holds up to 100 lbs and rides on two smooth air-filled tires.

It's time to give up the gasoline and switch to a bike permanently. It's fun, great exercise, and good for the environment. With all of the lightweight folding bikes and folding bicycle trailers available, now even the most compact New York City apartment will accommodate an avid cyclist.