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California: an ideal setting for the folding bike

We've clearly left our hearts in San Francisco as it's only two days later and we're already writing another article centered around California. If you didn't catch our first installment it can be found here. Basically, we discussed our link to the state: as a kindred spirit, the home of our largest number of electric bike customers outside of New York, and as another state at the forefront of alternative transportation. It was in these regards that we discussed the practicality of electric bikes in California. Similarly, this article will discuss the practicality of another form of alternative transportation in California: folding bikes!

Any area that has space restrictions (whether it be at home, at work, or on public transportation) can benefit greatly from folding bicycles. What does a folding bike entail, you ask? A folding bike is any variety of bike that can fold down when not in use, making it a compact parcel that can be taken virtually anywhere and stowed away with great ease once at your destination. And wouldn't you know it, we have a full article on folding bikes as well: Folding bikes.

If your living space is limited in the way of storage and you've opted not to use a bike to get around simply because you have nowhere to keep it, prepare to revolutionize your life. A folding bike can be stored anywhere. That's right, anywhere. If you've opted not to use a bike to get around simply because it isn't easy to integrate into your daily routine, prepare to revolutionize your life once again. A folding bike can be taken virtually anywhere. That's right, virtually anywhere.

California is ripe for the benefits of folding bikes. A Brompton would be perfect for commuting to work and then storing under your desk in your office buiding in the heart of San Diego. In fact, a Brompton folding bike gets so compact that you would feel competely comfortable taking it into Los Angeles' Metro Center Station in the Financial District, one of LA's busiest train stations (pictured here.) Worried about being able to climb San Francisco's steep hills? Well worry not, folding bikes come in a variety of speeds. For example, the Birdy Ice Blue model has 24 speeds. The majority of our models come in a range from 2 to 9 speeds, which is more than adequate for city riding.

Folding bicycles are an excellent way to improve your daily commuting anywhere in California. Whether they replace your previous method of getting around or just work in conjunction with it, the end result will provide you and your CA community with countless benefits.

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