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California electric bikes, most of our electric bikes are shipped to CA

An honorary California electric bike dealer

Hello California! While our shop may be located in New York, we feel that our two states share a kindred spirit of sorts. We're both coastal states. We're both famous for our business and cultural centers. We have Ellis Island, and you have Angel Island ('The Ellis Island of the West'). We both have many famous bridges. 90% of the movies produced in Hollywood are set in one of our two states. We spawned the Ramones, and you spawned Black Flag. Historically, we've both been at the forefront of progressive movements. Another such movement is currently underway: that of alternative transportation. As you read this, new, viable forms of environmentally conscious and efficient transportation are taking root and growing. We aren't a California electric bike dealer, but we offer our services and products to California.

Needless to say, we've shipped many of our electric bikes to California. In fact, we can say that out of every location that we ship to across the globe, California is home to the largest number of our customers (outside of New York, of course.) We ship our electric bikes fully assembled these days (completely tuned-up and ready to ride). As such, we carry brands which have many dealers in California. If your electric bike needs any servicing down the road, we can help point you to a nearby bike shop.

California and electric bikes

California and electric bicycles go together swimmingly. Electric bikes are an efficient form of day-to-day transportation that don't pollute the air and that use very little energy. They make travel largely effortless, extend your riding range, and let you get to work without breaking a sweat. If bicycling in your area is out of the question due to too many steep hills (we're looking at you San Francisco), electric bikes are the answer. Whether the bike uses a pedal activated system like the Bulls E-Bikes or a throttled system like the iGo Electric Bikes, our electric bikes are high torque, allowing you to conquer any hill with great ease.

Do you live right along California's coast, in San Diego, CA perhaps? In an RV in northern California? In Los Angeles or any other urban center where space is an issue? If so, the Blix Folding Electric bikes would be the best electric bike for you. This folding electric bike can be stored on a boat, in a car trunk, or in an apartment closet without infringing on your much needed space. We often refer to it as the 'New York electric bike' for these reasons, but it could equally be called a California electric bike (the term 'California electric bike' implying its suitability for California.)

No matter what part of California you live in, and no matter your style of living, we have an electric bike to meet your needs. Just give us a call or send us an email and we'll let you know what all of your neighbors in CA are riding! Across the country or not, with all of our California-based experience we're an honorary California electric bike dealer.

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