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Want a California electric scooter dealer?

The CA electric scooter

A California electric scooter is simply an electric scooter with the distinguished privilege of being located in California. California's laid-back demeanor and the simplicity of electric scooters fit together like peanut butter and jelly. When it comes to an electric scooter you simply get on and ride. The word 'ride' doesn't even do it justice. You coast. You don't exert any effort, you don't break a sweat. You enjoy the gentle breeze and you enjoy the sounds of California all around you (electric motors range from silent to a soft hum.) You can coast from bistro to bistro or visit friends, all the while carrying an undisturbed cappuccino in one hand. Walking your dog along Hollywood Boulevard is no longer a burden when you're on an electric scooter. Interested pedestrians will stop you twice as often: to ask you what breed your dog is and what model of scooter you're riding. If you're not the type that likes to be stopped for such conversations, you can use your electric scooter as a nifty getaway device and ride off into the California sunset.

Electric scooters are perfect for short trips. Take it from your 2:00 meeting to the beach, from your sister-in-law's house to a hot date (all dates in California are hot dates), from the racquet ball court to the deli... so on and so forth. An electric scooter makes all of your errands and mid-day trips quick and easy. If you're traveling ten miles and up, you'll want to look towards an electric bike with superior range. If you're only traveling short distances and portability is important to you (the scooters that we carry fold down), electric scooters are the way to go.

Are we a California electric scooter dealer? Technically...

A large section of our customers are based in California, and we ship there all of the time. Electric scooters are compact and easy to ship. In some instances they'll be ready to ride as soon as you open the box. With one of our electric scooter manufacturers located in California, shipping times are minimal. Basically, our overriding point is the following: electric scooters + California = totally awesome.

Our selection of electric scooters is not to be sneezed at. We carry scooters by HCF (Pacelite), GoPed (GoPed is a California electric scooter dealer and manufacturer), LashOut, and the Go Motorboard.