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Can Motorized Bikes Help to Fight Obesity?

Despite all of the progress we've made in the last ten years concerning the environment, health care, and sustainable energy, there is still one huge problem for many Americans that cannot be solved by legislation: Obesity. It's a big problem, and it's getting bigger. Literally and figuratively. Over 30% of the U.S. population suffers from obesity, which only recently has been referred to as a disease. If there isn't a major shift in the mindset of this country, we'll see obese children growing up and perpetuating this problem, which leads to diabetes, heart disease, and many other health risks.

The main problem with the fight against obesity is that it is an internal struggle. Sure, we can make saturated fats illegal, and make gym class mandatory for every child in high school, but the fight to stay in shape has to be ingrained in each person, not forced upon them. If an individual wants to be physically fit, they will take it upon themselves to exercise and eat healthier meals. Staying in shape should be a good experience, one that is fun and leaves a person feeling accomplished. Though it may not seem like it, a motorized bicycle is a great way to begin fighting obesity.

Motorized Bikes Can Be A Great Workout

When most people think of riding a bicycle, they imagine a physical struggle. They sweat, they breathe heavily, and they don't have a lot of fun. This isn't a great way to travel, especially for a person unaccustomed to daily exercise. Using a motorized bike, the physical struggle is alleviated somewhat by the electric motor, and a person can reach their destination with their heart pumping, a slight sweat, and much more energy to make it through the day. Commuting to work with an electric motor bike can incorporate a daily dose of exercise into someone's day without interrupting their daily schedule. This is important for people who don't have the time to hit the gym, or find the process of exercising tedious.

Motorized Bicycles Are Not For Lazy People

It's actually quite the contrary. Some of the best electric bikes actually require the rider to pedal the bike. These motorized bikes sense how hard the rider is pedaling, and give a proportional motor assistance. Many motorized bikes will actually increase the power automatically when the rider is going uphill. For an aerobic workout, this is an amazing feature because it allows the rider to consistently pedal without slowing down or struggling to tackle an incline.

Of course, there are electric motorized bicycles that can be powered without pedaling. These are usually referred to as ebikes, whereas the pedal-assisted bikes are called pedelec bikes. Both styles can be operated like a regular bicycle by simply turning the electric power off. This is a popular feature with commuters who use the electric power to get to work, then pedal the bike home for a harder workout. It also beats waiting in traffic, paying for gas, and trying to find parking spaces. A motorized bike can be locked to a bike rack like any other standard bicycle.

For adults struggling with obesity, a motorized bike is a great way to begin exercising daily without feeling exhausted or pressured. Riding a motorized bicycle for just thirty minutes each day will increase your heart rate, speed up your metabolism, and help to burn calories. Electrify your commute and help the fight against obesity!

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