Checking BionX connections

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Checking BionX connections

Checking connections can seem like a tedious process but this is the source of 90% of issues with the BionX. Once found connections issues are generally simple to fix. So! Go through the following steps to guarantee your connections are 100% perfect. You'll be glad you did so.

Start by turning off your system and removing the battery. Failure to do so could result in sparks that could damage your battery or the wires and plugs that connect the BionX together. You may reinstall the battery after each of these steps but be sure to remove it afterwards to prevent a damaging spark.

Now that your system is off with the battery removed, let's systematically check every plug and wire for damage and corrosion starting at the back of the bike and moving forward:

  • Start with the wires running to the BionX motor. These are on the left hand side of the bike and the plugs are usually under some velcro/neoprene close to the rear axle:
    1. Remove whatever velcro/neoprene is there.
    2. Inspect the wires for cuts and tears or damage.
    3. Disconnect the larger rectangular connector and inspect each side of the plug for the same signs of damage, water intrusion, and corrosion. Once you've got this done, plug it back together.
    4. Unplug the smaller round connector and inspect each end. Look for damaged/broken/missing pins (there should be 6 of them). Check for water intrusion and blow out both sides (but don't spit in them!). Line up the white markings on either end and plug this connector back together making sure it snaps firmly together.
    5. If you don't get a firm snap, disconnect the plug again. Hold the wire portion of the female end in one hand and use the other hand to twist the non moving part as if screwing it into the moving part. Be gentle please and plug it back together.
    6. It is possible, though unlikely, that one of the small round plugs is faulty. Check by unscrewing the connector, as shown, and inspecting for broken connections or solder joints that are touching one another.
    7. WITH THE POWER OFF AND BATTERY REMOVED, look at the flat and square power connector by the motor, the one with 2 prongs. Notice the male prongs have a tiny slit. Insert a knife blade into the slit to slightly enlarge the pin and maximize the electrical connection.
  • At the BionX console itself, check the following:
    1. If it's a G2 Console (the one with 2 buttons one either side of the screen), check that the bar onto which you mounted the docking station which holds the console is nearly straight. If you can move it somewhere straighter - do so. If the docking station is mounted on a curved bar it can flex and the contacts on the back of the console will not make good connection with the docking station.
    2. Perform the same inspection of the wires and plugs running to the BionX console docking station as you did at the motor, starting from step 4.
    3. If you had a rear rack system, remove your console docking station from the handlebar and plug the console directly into the port on the rear rack. This eliminates a problem with the extension cable between the rack and the console. If this fixes it you'll need to replace that extension cable.
  • Finally we move up to the BionX battery bracket:
    1. Inspect the plug which the battery slides towards. Does it look bent or deformed? Are all the pins straight and present (there should be 5 little pins and 2 larger pins)? If all looks good move on. If not, you've damaged your battery bracket from poor alignment when sliding on the battery or poor installation of the bracket in the first place. You'll have to buy a new battery bracket.
    2. Put a straight edge ruler across the straight part of the battery rail. Check that the rail is not bent or twisted. This could cause the battery to slide on skewed and not connect properly with the plug on the bracket. If this is the case you need to remove the bracket and file the bolt holes slightly so that the rail sits flat. File only a little at a time, and be patient! Note: filing does not apply to Rear Rack BionX racks.
    3. Still not turning on? Remove the battery bracket from its mounting position - either on a rack or the bike itself. Unscrew the two screws holding the plastic cover over the plug connection. Remove wiring and plug from rail and plug it directly into your battery. If this solves the connection problem the problem lies with either the plug connection on your battery or the plug orientation in the bracket. Either the battery plug has been pushed back into the battery to the point that it will not make contact with the plug on the installed on the bracket or the plug on the bracket has been bent so it doesn't make good contact with the battery. If bracket looks good focus on the battery. If you're out of warranty you can open the battery to fix this, if you're in warranty DO NOT open the battery - return it to your dealer for repair.
    4. If your bracket looks bent try to bend it back or replace it.
  • Finally we'll eliminate a not so obvious and pretty unlikely problem:
    1. Remove your battery.
    2. Unplug the wiring running to the motor.
    3. Install the battery again and try to turn the system on.
    4. If this works you must have a wiring fault in the motor. Contact your dealer for further assistance.
  • If all of this fails, contact your dealer for further assistance.