The Chinese Delivery Electric Bike: A Rare Breed

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The Chinese Delivery Electric Bike: A Rare Breed

You've seen them zipping around lower Manhattan. Two bags of take-out food hang from the handlebars. The rider is usually sitting back, with a cigarette hanging out of his mouth, flying between cars at twenty miles an hour. Yes, the electric bike is a popular choice among Chinese food delivery men, though they're not the typical electric bike you'll find in a shop like NYCeWheels. Covered in cardboard and electrical tape, these bikes look like they were pieced together from the losers of BattleBots. Despite their appearance, there is more to these electric bikes than meets the eye. They just happened to be cleverly disguised. Let's peel away the plastic bags and take a look at what this electric bike is REALLY made of.

Ezee Forza Electric Bike

For most delivery guys, the eZee Forza electric bike is the bike of choice. It's the best bike in the eZee electric bike brand, not to mention the lightest. The dual disc brakes give the Forza supreme stopping power, which is ideal in an urban area like Manhattan. Under the plastic bags on the handlebars, you'll find a pedal-assist dial and a nine-speed shifter. This bike is quite versatile, even without electric-assist. It also includes a nice front suspension, for the rough potholes of New York.

Since delivery guys love the Forza so much, we even made a stripped down city version, just for them. The Forza Sport comes with a throttle instead of the pedelec dial, for an easy burst of speed. It is also stripped of lights, battery gauge, and odometer. If you just want an electric bike without all the added accessories, this is the way to go. We'll also outfit it with cardboard and duct tape, upon special request.

BionX Electric Delivery Bike

Though the Ezee Forza has been a popular choice for a long time, we're starting to see a few guys riding a BionX electric bike conversion. The BionX kit is great because the batteries tend to last much longer. A regenerative brake sensor actually charges the battery during the ride. Four levels of pedal-assist will help keep the food delivery going, long into the night shift.

We don't see many BionX-converted delivery bikes, but the guys that ride them love the system. It's compatible with almost any bike, so that reliable mountain bike that's been romping around Manhattan streets for years will do just fine. Electric bike conversion kits are especially reliable for delivery guys, since there are less electrical connections running through the frame.

The genius behind the Chinese food delivery bike is the appearance. When it's necessary to lock an electric bike outside, the less appealing it looks the better. No matter how it looks on the outside, these bikes are powerful, tough, and will take quite a beating. Riding through New York City is like off-roading, so get equipped with the electric bike equivalent of a monster truck.