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Dahon Ciao D5, A Comfortable Folding Bike

The Dahon Ciao D5 is a really friendly folding bike. It has a few nice features, including a very low step-trough frame, which make it perfect for people looking to take a relaxed approach to bike riding. If you like to cruise down boardwalks, glide down river front bike paths, or just run some errands on a bicycle, the Dahon Ciao is perfect for you. Let's take a closer look at the Ciao D5.

Gearing on the Ciao D5

The Ciao folding bike is designed to be able to make climbing hills and geting around easy. The key to that setup is the 5 speed internal gear hub. An internal gear hub is a gear box that contains all your gears, sealed in a cylinder and protected from corrosion and moisture. It is a maintenance free system that is found on many folding commuter bikes. This system not only protects your drivetrain from a lot of wear and tear, it also allows you to shift gears without pedaling - even at a stand still - with a flick of the wrist.

The Ciao D5 step-through frame

Many people complain that although they love biking, they hate getting on and off their bike. Why? Because they have to swing their leg uncomfortably over the seat as they get on and off. Dahon understands this concern and agrees, why should any aspect of a bike be uncomfortable.They've taken this view to heart with the Ciao folding bike which is so easy to step over you'll be happy to stop and look at the roses whenever you want. You only have to raise your foot about 6 inches, the height of a single stair, to step over this folding bike.

Feature loaded Ciao D5 setup

The Ciao D5, because it's intended as an everyday family bicycle, comes equipped for regular use. A set of fenders will keep puddles from splashing up on you while you ride and a rear rack allows you to take a few things with you for your rides. A newspaper, lunch, and a sweater perhaps? With a rear rack you'll be able to stop on your way home to get some groceries or run errands around town, the fenders will keep you dry and happy. Folding bike commuters love fenders.

Extra goodies from Dahon

In addition to the fenders and rack your Ciao D5 folding bike comes with a battery operated rear light for added safety. It also has a full chain cover to keep your pants clean and grease free as you ride. These two features are just another way of Dahon saying, this is the perfect bike for everyday use. They really intended the Ciao D5 as a bike to meet all challenges.

It's compact, it folds, it's easy to ride, you can do anything with it. The Dahon Ciao D5 folding bike is really one of the coolest and most relaxed folding bikes Dahon has produced yet. We really like to look and feel of this one and we think you will too. If you want an fun and laid back folding bike the Ciao D5 is right for you, visit the Ciao D5 product page for all the details.