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Commuting is safe and fun with folding bikes!

There are some advantages to commuting on a full sized bike, but they amount to nothing when rain or a flat stops you in your tracks. Take my commute from 134th Street and Broadway to 14th Street and 6th Avenue: I can easily ride down the scenic Riverside Park without worrying about taxis and traffic lights, but if a nice storm kicks up, I am forced underground. Taking a full-sized bike into New York's subway system can be an incredible hassle. A folding bike, on the other hand, is little or no problem. I can still ride a folding bike all the way downtown, or I can ride to the the subway station, fold my bike and hop on the next train. This gives me a few extra minutes to get ready in the morning and some nice exercise.

Is commuting with a fold up bike unsafe?

While folding bikes may appear to be structurally weaker than normal bikes, because of their joints and folding mechanisms, they are in fact just as dependable and durable as any other well made bicycle. Folding bikes have a false reputation of being flimsy, largely due to the availability of mass-manufactured, poor quality, cheap folding bikes. These bikes are often made of low cost materials with ill-conceived designs that do not provide the same ride quality to be expected from their more expensive counterparts.

The best folding bikes for commuting

Commuters value three main things:
1. Reliability
2. Portability (in this case fold-ability)
3. Comfort

Of all the fold up bikes we stock the Brompton folding bike is superior. Because each Brompton is made to order in England, you can be sure of its high quality workmanship and solid construction, something it's riders come to appreciate the first time a car forces them into a rough patch of road or gravel. Among folding bikes the Brompton is also the most compact, folding to a mere 21" x 11" x 22". This makes fitting one into a trunk or luggage compartment as easy as any suitcase. Its 4 step design is also one of the fastest folding, and once folded you can roll it on wheels built into the rear rack. Numerous handlebar and gearing options are available allowing you to optimize a Brompton for the type of riding it is intended for. Because of its superior design and solid construction, the Brompton folding bike is the best folding commuter bike.

Dahon bikes are also an excellent option for commuters. They are simple to fold and very light, with a reputation of excellent long term service. Dahon is one of the pioneers of folding bikes, a leading manufacture in the industry for over 25 years. Dahon offers a variety of folding bikes, from bare-bones single speeds to full-sized folding mountain bikes. These bikes are a bit less expensive than some of their peers. Dahon has sold over 2 million bikes since 1977, and continues as one of the most popular folding bikes.

Commuting on a folding bike is fun!

Why dread sitting in a traffic jam or falling asleep on the subway each morning? Folding bikes make it easy to turn your morning slog to work into a enjoyable trip in the fresh air. Arrive more energized and focused. Reduce your stress and clear your mind. Take a look at some of our high quality folding bikes today.

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