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Why Buy A Compact Bike With Motor?

For people who live in rural settings there is no problem owning a large full size electric bike. These fine machines are perfect for people who have enough space to store them. But what does a person do if they live in an urban metropolis and they desire a bike with motor to help them get around. Well, there is really only one thing you can do, go for a compact bike with motor.

Will a compact bike with motor perform as well as a full size electric bike?

That is a question we get pretty often in the shop when people start to consider the smaller and more compact bikes with motor. The truth is that these electric bikes have many advantages. To name a few:

A compact bike with motor will be:

  • more portable
  • easier to lift
  • simpler to store
  • more maneuverable

Let's take a look at a few of these traits in detail starting with portability. A compact bike with motor just fits in more places and makes a great electric commuter bike. You can fit it between cars, you can park it in an alley, you can store it in your apartment. There is really no limit to the extra use you get out of a compact bike with motor's added portability.

The next consideration is how much easier it is to lift a compact bike with motor. The smaller form of these electric bikes usually translates into a lighter bike overall. Most compact electric bikes weigh between 40 and 50 lbs. That makes them a whole lot easier to deal with than their 65+ lb cousins.

Most, if not all, folding electric bicycles fall into the category of compact bike with motor. They tend to have smaller wheels and aren't as long as a full size bike, plus they fold. This makes them really easy to store in an apartment or when at work. Perhaps one of the best examples of a folding bike with motor is the Brompton electric bike. This high quality electric bike is based on the incredible Brompton folding bike which folds to the size of a suitcase.

It doesn't get any smaller than a folding electric bike.

Considering that a compact bike with motor will typically have smaller wheels, somewhere in the range of 16 to 22 inches in diameter, it is much better for weaving in and out of crowded city streets. Having smaller wheels it can take quicker turns and zip in and out of tight spaces more easily. That is one of the big advantages of smaller bicycles in general.

Here are a few excellent examples of a compact bike with motor:

The EcoBike Vatavio - A folding electric bicycle, the Vatavio electric bike is one of the best city bikes and a popular choice for people who live in urban areas. The Dahon Boost - Another folding electric bike, the Dahon Boost features some of the most advanced electric bike technology to date and is one of the best electric bicycles available. The IF Reach DC - Well it seems like all my suggestions fold up. This too is a folding bike with motor. A bit sportier than the previous two I mentioned, the IF Reach DC folds up quickly and fits easily into a standard closet.

So you see the advantages of a compact bike with motor are numerous, especially if you're short on space. Check out these and other electric bikes to find the right one to suit your needs.