Currie IZIP Zuma, The Choice of Colors is Yours

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Currie IZIP Zuma, The Choice of Colors is Yours

When it comes to beach cruising E-bikes the IZIP E3 Zuma is king. Yet part of the fun of any beach cruiser is the chance to find the snazzy color combo that matches your style. With the new 2013 line-up of IZIP E3 Zumas you can find the shade that suits your fancy and E-bike your way to comfort and happiness.

Currie IZIP E3 ZumaEven if you are riding in the foothills on the outskirts of town or in the city streets, the California beach look is boss. The upright seating, the arms stretched to the wide bars and the fancy cushy saddle say waves and bikinis. The balloon tires and cantilever frame are fun throw-backs to the days of jukeboxes and sock hops. The modern touches like the power-assist and disc brakes make for the perfect biking blend as you boogie-woogie your way down Main Street.

It seems that many are clamoring to get on the E-bike bandwagon. With so many choices out there, a little help working your way through the maze of offered E-bikes is probably why you are reading this. To be sure to get a E-bike that will satisfy and excite, working with a long time leader in the E-bike industry can be a big plus. This is one thing (among many) you'll get when you choose an IZIP for your everyday fun and transportation.

As you climb aboard your new Zuma you will notice the nice fit and finish it shows-off so well. A big strong lithium battery surrounded by a useful rack will follow you wherever you ride. This light-weight modern wonder is the power-plant of your new machine. It juices-up the bike for many miles and recharges in a short time after a long ride. If you are the soul of this classy E-bike, then it is the heart.

Tucked down inside the rear wheel is the quiet and powerful 500 watt motor. Controlled automatically with the PAS system or manually by a twist throttle, it will propel you into strong winds and up those nasty hills with no noise or strain. Of course these are the main reasons you are considering this new E-bike. If you want you can motor along without pedaling, yet your feet will turn the pedals anyway, it's only natural.

The strong beefy aluminum cantilever frame comes in two styles, diamond and low. Nowhere in this bike will you find anything that says wimpy. Don't think of the two frames as gender specific, think more about rider size. I have long called low-framed bikes comfort step-through bikes. Plus in the different frames you will find varying colors. So when picking the E3 Zuma you want, think color charts and your stature. Try both bikes to see which one fits you the best.

The IZIP E3 Zuma I've been riding is the low-framed model. I chose that one so my wife could ride it easily, yet my 6'2" body fits on it fairly well. I also like to let any and all interested parties try out the bikes I test, so I thought it was a good choice in that respect too. I've also ridden the larger one and found it is more my size, but never once did the low-frame bike cramp my style. Pick your color and go from there.

Even though the Zuma is a cruiser, there is plenty of speedster lurking under the hood. You can tool around with a smile or bear down on the pedals and motor with gusto. It has the ability to take your biking mood and make it fly. When you are flying on this E-bike you might be happy to know that a big set of disc brakes are there to back you up. Anytime the need arises, a quick pull on the handbrakes will satisfy your stopping desires. Yes they look cool too.

With the large capacity (11.4 Ah) 36 volt battery you should enjoy the longest of powered range. I took many rides in the 30-40 distance and never ran short of power. Yet with the way this bike is designed, non-powered riding is quite fun. My wife, who likes the exercise function of bikes, did many of her rides with the electric-assist turned off. It was there for the hills and the such, but she enjoyed the smooth pedaling it offered on many of the rides we took.

This is one thing I test on all the E-bikes I ride. Seeing that an E-bike should be all bike (with that one added accessory---the boost), I always make sure they act and ride like an everyday bicycle. There are some you would be hard pressed to pedal without power, you will find that the IZIP E3 Zuma is not one of them. It has a full selection of gears, including the extra low first gear, that make riding fun and easy. Shifting is a breeze too.

So pick your colors, mount your steed and enjoy the world from the saddle of this awesome E-bike, Turbo Bob.

"I love the bicycle. I always have. I can think of no sincere, decent human being, male or female, young or old, saintly or sinful, who can resist the bicycle."---William Saroyan, from his introduction to The Noiseless Tenor.