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Currie iZip / eFlow - Beautiful Electric Bicycles

The Currie electric bike reviews are in, and they're raves. That's because Currie, one of the world's top e-bike-makers, offers a wide variety of rugged, dependable and affordable electric bikes suitable for work, fun or both. These electric bikes are some of the best on the market, and NYCeWheels offers a big selection of Currie Technologies' bikes, including the Currie IZIP electric bike and the Currie eFlow electric bike, at low prices. If you're in or near the city, come in for a test drive and see what makes these electric bikes so nice. Or give us a call with any technical or other questions you may have.

More about Currie's electric bikes

Currie's electric bikes all feature the company's patented electro-drive technology, which provides smooth, easy riding for you. A developer, manufacturer and distributor of electric-powered bicycles, Currie offers a wide range of electric bikes to match practically any need.

For instance, Currie offers the all-around IZIP E3 Dash, a versatile machine that is the Swiss Army knife of electric bikes. It's suitable for commuting, running errands and just riding for fun, but it's also comfortable and powerful enough for weekend road trips. It features a 500-watt motor and a 28 MPH pedal-assist speed.

Currie's electric bikes have clean lines and the power to help you get up hills when riding in steep terrain. Some models are available with racks, fenders and baskets for hauling gear, groceries or practically anything else while keeping you and your possessions safe and dry. Currie's offerings even include cargo electric bikes with ranges up to 35 miles for long hauls.

Currie even offers a classic California-style beach cruiser that will make it a lot easier to get home after a long day of swimming and fun. This ultra-comfortable electric bike looks good and will take you just about anywhere you want to go in cool, classic California style.