Add a Boost to Your Day - The Dahon Way!

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Add a Boost to Your Day - The Dahon Way!

It was Summer 2009 when we got our first glimpse of the Dahon Boost folding electric bike. The world's leading folding bike manufacturer finally ventured into electric territory and built this petite little machine. Riding on 20" wheels, the Dahon Boost has a smaller profile than most other electric bikes, and with Dahon's patented hinge system, it also folds smaller than most folding bikes. Even with the battery and motor, this thing weighed in at 43 lbs. Sounds great on paper right? We had to take it for a spin.

Dahon Boost: The Little Bike That Could

The Dahon Boost has a nice step-through frame, as well as an adjustable seat and handlebars. Almost anyone can find a comfortable riding position on this bike. It also has an internal three-speed hub, so it's easier to climb some steeper hills. Combine this with the electric motor and the Dahon Boost becomes the perfect commuter bike.

There are three speed settings on the Dahon Boost that equate to "slow," "medium," and "fast." Since the motor is built into the bottom bracket, under the pedals, just putting some force down on the pedals will make the motor kick in. For a small bike, the Boost packs quite a kick when the motor turns on. I sped down York Ave in the "fast" mode with little effort.

The battery clocks in just over 3 lbs, making it one of the lightest Lithium batteries in the shop. Despite it's weight, the battery has quite a range, powering the bike for up to 30 miles on a single charge. Feel like getting exercise? Just turn off the motor to conserve battery life. Now you've just got a solid commuter bike.

Saying Goodbye to the Dahon Boost

After a week of joy riding on the Dahon Boost demo, we had to give it back. Apparently, Dahon was not ready to unleash their new electric folding bike to the public. It was a sad day for all, but soon we would be able to have the Dahon Boost in our store as a permanent fixture.

We waited, and waited, and eleven months later we finally got word that a Dahon Boost was on its way here to be sold. We rejoiced and paraded down the streets of New York in utter joy. Our favorite folding electric bike would finally return.

Want to experience the Dahon Boost electric folding bike for yourself? Stop in to NYCeWheels and see it firsthand.