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Dahon Front Carrying Bags

For a long time, the only folding bicycles in our store that had the option to mount bags to the front of the bikes easily were Brompton folding bikes. Using a unique front carrier block, the Brompton bags could click on and off in seconds, allowing the rider to keep their bag on the front of the bike instead of on their back while they rode.

In 2010, the engineers at Dahon developed a luggage mount and truss system to allow their bikes the same luxury. Now, Dahon folding bike riders can choose from a variety of baskets and bags to store on the front of their bikes, without using a backpack or rear rack. Here are a few of the options that are available right now:

Dahon HoldAll Basket

One of the most popular bicycle accessories is the front wicker basket for carrying groceries, flowers, and small puppies. Of course, wicker isn't the most weatherproof material, so it makes sense that this modern incarnation is made out of a recycled plastic. Using a rigid aluminum frame, the Dahon HoldAll Basket is a lot more durable than your grandmother's basket, and can hold up to 11 lbs.

Since all of the Dahon baskets and bags work with the Dahon Luggage Truss, they can snap on and off very easily, and used apart from the bike. Carry your Dahon Basket through the supermarket, then clip it on your bike when you're ready to leave. It's the easiest way to shop.

Dahon Tour Bag

One drawback of the basket is the inability to protect your cargo from rain, mud, or a very quick thief. An alternative option is the Dahon Tour Bag, complete with a waterproof fabric to protect your gear.

True, the basket holds more, but the Tour Bag has pockets on the interior, as well as a reflective exterior to help with nighttime riding. It's also got a shoulder strap, so you can carry it around when you're not riding. Keep your camera, cell phone, or whatever other electronic devices you want in here without worrying about the weather.

Connect Bracket with your own bag!

Since the Dahon Luggage Truss requires a special mounting bracket for the bags, regular backpacks or bags don't usually work. However, Dahon is selling their Connect Bracket separately, so you can attach it to a bag of your own and use it with your Dahon folding bike. Just be sure to keep everything under 11 pounds.

Other brands like Ortlieb and KlickFix also make bags that can work with the Dahon Luggage Truss, so there are a lot of options when it comes to front luggage and Dahon folding bikes. One thing to look out for, however, is the built-in luggage mount that has only recently been included with Dahon bikes. If you do not see these three holes just above the front wheel, you cannot attach a luggage truss to your bike.

Dahon Folding Bikes using the Integrated Luggage Mount: