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Dahon's history

Dahon has been one of the leading manufacturers of folding bicycles for over 25 years. Also one of the more environmentally friendly companies in the world, Dahon strives to promote green technology with their new cutting-edge factory.

Long before the birth of the DVD, the Internet, or the electric bike, there was a young physicist working for the Hughes Aircraft Corporation in California named David Hon. At the time, Dr. Hon was working on laser technology for NASA, and his patents would go on to be used on space shuttles and anti-aircraft guns.

Despite all of his achievements in government research, Dr. Hon was compelled by the oil crisis of the 1970's to develop a portable bicycle that would fit on a train or a bus, thus removing dependence on gasoline.

Seven years later, the first Dahon folding bicycle appeared. Winning countless awards, Dr. Hon tried selling his design to major bike companies, but no one was interested. It seemed like the world was just not ready for a bicycle that folds.

Relocating to Taiwan, Dr. Hon built his first Dahon factory and started manufacturing Dahon folding bikes himself. Today, over 25 years and 2 million customers later, Dr. Hon owns the most successful folding bicycle business in the world. His new vertically-integrated factory in China is state-of-the-art, and Dahon is one of the most environmentally friendly companies on the planet.

Today, Dahon has developed all types of portable bikes. There are lightweight folders, easy to carry around and store on trains. There are full size folding bikes, no different than a standard mountain bike. There are portable road bikes, which can be broken down to fit inside a suitcase. There is even a folding electric bike. Dahon has truly come full circle with their folding bikes, and have proven that quality and ingenuity can pay off with a bit of dedication.