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Dahon Folding Bike Technology: Midtown Mini

Dahon folding bikes have been one of the most predominant folding bicycle manufacturers for the last twenty-five years. With over thirty different bikes to choose from, and new bikes coming out every year, it's no surprise that they've patented many of their own designs from hinges, to frames, to locking mechanisms. Many of these innovations have trademarked names, and without definitions, these can be confusing to the average folding bike rider.

We're setting to work breaking down some of these technologies and providing our own definitions. This way, you can take a look at a Dahon folding bike and you'll already know about the components that make up these popular bikes.

Midtown Mini Frames

For the last twenty-five years, Dahon folding bikes have been easily distinguished by their monotube frame design. One low aluminum tube makes up the foundation of the bike, with a tall handlebar and seat post stemming from it. In 2010, Dahon developed a new type of diamond-shaped frame. They called this type of bike the Midtown Mini.

Unlike traditional Dahon folding bikes, the Midtown Mini folding bikes have two main LockJaw hinges. This means the bicycle doesn't fold quite as small, but with a larger frame, they provide a much stiffer and stronger ride. Many riders embrace the Midtown Mini design because it allows them to feel as though they're riding a full-size bike, with the added bonus of a folding hinge and smaller 20" wheels. The aesthetic look of the Midtown Mini folding bike also has a unique distinction that people prefer to the monotube design. It doesn't even look like a folding bike!

Dahon Folding Bikes that Utilize Midtown Mini Frames: