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Dahon Folding Bike Technology: V-Clamp Hinge

With twenty-five years behind them, the engineers at Dahon are constantly improving upon their unique folding bikes. With over thirty different folding bicycles to choose from, all with different hinges, frame styles, and components, it can be difficult to differentiate between them.

We've set to work on a new article series called Dahon Technologies where we break down some of the developments that make Dahon folding bikes unique. Don't worry, there's nothing overly complicated or boring.

V-Clamp Hinge

"Will the bike fold while I'm riding it?" This is the most frequently asked question regarding a folding bicycle. After twenty-five years, Dahon has been through quite a few hinges, and in 2008 they've settled on the V-Clamp hinge as one of their best.

The V-clamp hinge uses a large, stainless steel plate as the locking mechanism. When the lever is pulled on the opposite side of the frame, the plate clamps around both sides of the hinge snugly. This covers the largest surface area of any hinge, maximizing safety and durability.

In addition, the V-clamp hinge can be tightened using an Allen key on the outside of the plate. There is also a DoubleLok safety hinge that keeps the lever from opening regardless of how you ride the bike. It's really one of the best locking systems for folding bicycles.

Dahon Folding Bikes that Utilize V-Clamp Hinges: