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Dahon Vector X10 Folding Bike Replaces Mu SL

One of the worlds fastest folding bikes, the Dahon MuSL, is passing the torch on to its successor. No longer will you be able to find this shiny grey performance folding bike hanging lightly from our wall. In its place will be a Dahon Vector X10. It's not exactly a bad thing, actually the Vector X10 is a fantastic folding bike and more than worthy of the SL's lofty throne.

So what do you get with a Dahon Vector X10 folding bike?

Well for starters you get a folding bike with 20 inch wheels that weighs a skeletal 20.2 lbs. The Vector folding bike frame is made of hydroformed aluminum, giving you the stiffness and responsiveness you would only expect from a road bike. We don't usually make much of a deal of components here at NYCeWheels, but with names like Shimano and SRAM topping out this lightweight folding bike, it gets an extra badge of quality. What kind of performance can you expect from this folding bike?

Serious acceleration, stiff and responsive handling, and super fast high gears are hallmarks of Dahon Vector folding bikes, starting with the Vector X10.

The SL is not designed as a folding commuter bike. Most of our folding bikes geared toward commuting are a bit more tough when it comes to handling the rough and tumble of everyday riding in NYC streets with more spokes, heavier frames, and wider tires. However, the Dahon Vector does out shine out other folding bikes in its natural habitat: fast road riding where a lightweight frame and high speed are critical.

If you are looking for a fast folding bike to take on club rides, a folding bike for the NYC century, or just the lightest folding bike possible the Dahon Vector X10 isn't necessarily your only choice but probably the best one.