Get To Know The Dahon Vitesse D7hg Folding Bike

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Get To Know The Dahon Vitesse D7hg Folding Bike

The Dahon Vitesse D7hg is one impressive folding bike. It comes decked out with pretty much everything you could nerd in folding commuter bike. These excellent features make the Vitesse practical, convenient, and easy to use (which is exactly what commuters are usually looking for).

So what exactly is it that makes the Vitesse D7 such an ideal folding commuter bike?

1. The first and most important feature in my mind is that it comes standard with a rack and fenders. Most of the folks I've spoken to who are looking for a folding bike for commuting are drawn to these simple yet essential extras. Fenders on the Vitesse mean your clothes will stay clan and dry while a rack gives you the flexibility to pet the bike carry your backpack instead of you. The Vitesse also has a luggage mount, so it is compatible with all of the Dahon Front Carrying Bags.

2. While most people aren't too concerned with the gearing mechanism on their folding bike I think in the case of the Vitesse it is very important. Why? Because this folding bike has a 7 speed internal hub. What does that mean? Simple, all the gears are sealed and protected within the rear hub. This gives your folding commuter bike three distinct advantages.

The first is being able to shift gears without pedaling. Just imagine it: never get stuck at an intersection having to start up in high gear, never stalling out on a steep hill when trying to jam into the low easy pedal gear. An internal hub puts you in control with all the gears instantly accessible with the twist of the wrist. Could it get any easier than that?

The second advantage of the hub gear on your Vitesse is that it will never be damaged by knocks or jostles on the road. We all know that folding commuter bikes have to be tough. The internal hub keeps all the gears protected and safe from damage.

The final advantage of a folding bike with an internal hub is that the system is very low maintenance and rarely needs adjustment. Because the chain doesn't need to move between different gears it experiences less wear and tear. And because no dirt or water can get on the gears they too experience very little long term wear. Nice!

3. Like all Dahon folding bikes the Vitesse is held together by super strong neodymium magnets. I can't tell you how often I hear complaints of other folding bikes unfolding at just the wrong moment, just when their owners needed them to be their most compact. Dahon folding bike owners need never suffer this annoying dilemma thanks to the magnetic locking system integrated into the folding bike frame.

4. Another unique feature the Vitesse D7hg shares with most other Dahon folding bikes is having a powerful air pump concealed within its seat post. No more annoyingly weak hand pumps to fix flat tires, no more forgetting to pack the floor pump on weekend trips to the country, no other pumps needed period! The air pump in the seat post of the Dahon Vitesse is an adequate replacement for any regular floor bicycle floor pump, and it's part of you folding bike too.

5. An extra bonus on the Vitesse folding commuter bike is its Biologic chain guard. This cool plastic cover works a bit differently from traditional chain guards by encasing the chain itself rather than simply covering the drive train. It is a more lightweight setup and is very effective at both keeping you pant legs clean and your chain free of grime.

So as you can see the Vitesse is a superior folding commuter bike. Not only does it lean towards practicality, durability, and portability, this folding bike is simple to operate and fun to ride. It's the definitely the best Dahon folding bike for commuting. Visit the Dahon Vitesse D7hg folding bike product page for this bike's quick facts and detailed specifications.