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Product information "City Kit for ST1 Stromer Bikes"
The CityKit is your complete solution for installing a rack and fenders on your ST1 or ST2. You'll love the look and finish of these high quality parts. Because these parts are designed by Stromer to match the ST1 aesthetic you're guaranteed to love the way the look and function.

The city kit for ST1 Stromer bikes is the ideal way to get your Stromer ST1 electric bike rigged and ready for the tough conditions of urban riding. Available from NYCeWheels, the Stromer city kit features high-power lights and a good-looking integrated rack and fender. These components will look great on your Stromer ST1 because they're custom made by Stromer.

Also suitable for ST2 Stromer electric bikes, the city kit features a high-powered headlight that's wired right into your Stromer's battery for steady, dependable power. The light is connected via wires to a plug in the battery bay. The aluminum fenders are sturdy and hollow to add rigidity to support the rear rack.

We offer a choice of two lights with this kit: the B&M Lumotec headlight and the Supernova E-3 headlight. The B&M casts a wider beam, while the rugged Supernova casts a super-bright, more concentrated beam. Both kits include a rear light housed inside a rectangular reflector attached to the rack.

Supernova E-3 headlight

The Supernova headlight features 3 powerful LEDs housed in a black machined aluminum casing which matches the style of the Stromer ST1 and ST2 perfectly. It's no wonder they feature this one in all their pictures - it's just such a perfect match. While the Supernova E-3 doesn't have quite as much side visibility it is super bright, looks awesome, and is very rugged.

Every CityKit comes with fenders and a rear rack. The rear light is the same for both kits and offers a bright red light housed inside of a rectangular reflector attached to the rack.

A note on installation: The CityKit is only compatible with ST1 and ST2 model Stromers. The headlight wires into a plug housed within the battery bay, tucked just behind the key lock mechanism.

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