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Stromer Motor

Stromer Motor

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Product information "Stromer Motor"
Stromer motor - this is an OEM Stromer motor, ST1 motor. Please put bike serial number in the customer comments when placing an order.

Stromer | 500 watt high performance electric bike motor
(Original Stromer replacement part) comes with a full Stromer warranty, however you will not be covered under Stromer limited warranty or will get support installing the Stromer replacement part if it is not performed by a professional bicycle mechanic or specifically authorized by NYCeWheels to do so.

If you need a new Stromer motor for your Stromer Sport, Mountain 33 or Power 48, NYCeWheels can supply you one at an affordable price with quick shipping.

We offer Stromer 500W high-performance electric bike motors in several different configurations, depending on which bike you have. Stromer Sport and ST1 bikes can use the Mountain 33, capable of speeds up to 20 MPH. Only the ST1 Platinum is compatible with the Power 48, which can push the speed up to 28 MPH. Installing the Power 48 on an ST1 Elite won't make it go faster unless you also replace the console.

Stromer stands behind this high-quality motor with a full warranty, although you must have a professional mechanic install it or get specific authorization for the warranty to apply.

Notes on Compatibility:

  • ST1 Bikes can use either the Mountain 33 or Power 48 motors. Installing the Power 48 motor on an ST1 Elite will not make it go to 27mph. You'd have to replace the console as well..

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