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The E-TWOW - Electric Two Wheels brand is part of a large international concept, with headquarters both in China and Europe, focused on offering a new era in urban mobility, through our ingenious electric vehicles. The idea, design and construction of the E-TWOW electric kick scooter belongs to a Romanian engineer, Dr. Sorin SIRBU and the concept was further developed alongside a research team of engineers with a solid background in mechanical and electrical engineering. With the knowledge acquired in the years of technical studies, but most of all, driven by the passion to find innovative solutions for transportation, Mr. Sirbu used his enthusiasm and skills to develop a practical solution to everyday life.
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Uscooter Booster Plus
Uscooter Booster Plus
How do you make an electric scooter powerful, lightweight, and long range? Uscooter's solution: make it recharge itself as you slow down! With one lever for go an one lever for stop, the E-Twow Booster combines an impressive range with a..