The Easiest Electric Bike To Operate

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The Easiest Electric Bike To Operate

If I had to pick just one electric bike as the easiest electric bike to operate it would have to be the Sanyo Eneloop electric bike. Why? For a number of reasons, of course!

The easiest electric bike has a simple interface

Firstly, this electric bike only has three buttons: ON/OFF, MODE, and LIGHTS. You might think that riding and electric bike with so few settings would be difficult because you can't tell it what you want. But here's the thing: the Sanyo Eneloop electric bike already knows what you want. That might sound a bit creepy. Is the easiest electric bike haunted by a ghost? No. It is just designed to (sort of) read your mind. But how? How!?

It all comes down to the torque sensor in the bottom bracket. Attached to the chain ring of this hybrid electric bike is a torque sensor which can read your pedaling force. This can't possibly be all there is to it though... right? Well, actually, that's it. The torque sensor measures how hard you are pedaling and tells the motor how much extra motor force to apply to the pedals. This system of electric assist is called Pedal Assist and is one of the key features of any hybrid electric bike.

An advanced drive system for the easiest electric bike

With such an intuitive drive system this electric bike is way ahead of the game. And, of course, it follows that with the easiest electric bike to operate you can just pedal as if you were riding a regular bike without worry about anything further. The intelligent pedal assist electric system takes it from the there and gives you power when you need it.

Another point that makes the Sanyo Eneloop electric bike the easiest electric bike is that it is very lightweight straight forward. People come to our shop with the Eneloop electric bike who haven't really even been using the motor assist, that's how light it is.

The thee speed internal hub makes it easy to pedal like a normal bicycle. At only 42 lbs this electric bike isn't a killer to get in and out of your trunk either. Hey, the easiest electric bike shouldn't be hard to manage whether you're riding it or not, right?

Runner up to the easiest electric bike

While I do consider the Sanyo Eneloop bike to be the easiest electric bike to operate I can't leave out another great electric bike that makes a close second. The Giant Twist Freedom DX electric bike, although a bit different in terms of style and appearance is also extremely easy to use. Similar to the easiest electric bike, the Giant Twist Freedom DX is a pedal assist electric bicycle. A torque sensor in its pedals also senses your pedal power and gives you a boost. The Giant Twist has two batteries for a greater range, though it is a bit heavier at 62 lbs. And with a bit more gearing and front and rear suspension this electric bike does offer some nice features the Eneloop electric bike doesn't, but still. I think the Sanyo Eneloop electric bike wins out.

If you're looking for the two easiest electric bikes to operate I'd say the Eneloop electric bike and Giant Twist Freedom DX are right up your alley. And hey, these two electric bikes look like regular bicycles too.