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Easy to pedal, easy to use: Easy bikes

Electric bikes and folding bikes are easy bikes


Easy bikes are the bikes everyone is after. Easy to use bicycles. Easy to pedal bicycles. Easy to ride bicycles. Easy to mount bicycles. No matter what you're looking for, we have it. A large part of creating and fostering alternative transportation is ensuring that it is simple to use for the commuter. A folding bike needs to be easy to fold, or else the user won't be able to seamlessly integrate it into their lives. An electric bicycle needs to make commuting easier, or else it will be overlooked in favor of something more efficient. As such, these products are engineered to be as user-friendly as possible. This is essential if alternative forms of transportation (which are undoubtedly better for everyone) are to become adopted by the majority, their benefits thereby extending beyond their users and affecting everyone.

Electric bikes are easy to use. Some require the turn of a key to start, others simply require the push of a button. Electric assistance is immediately available through either a throttle or pedal-assist. Both of these features ensure that they are easy to pedal as well. When you pull back on a throttle, you are offered an effortless ride. When you pedal in conjunction with a throttle, you pedal with much greater ease and extend your battery range. When you pedal with pedal-assist, the electric motor constantly provides you with appropriate levels of assistance, allowing you to pedal lightly and easily and offering an excellent battery range.

When first confronted with the subject of electric bikes some people pose the question, "An electric bike... but isn't that cheating?" Clearly, they're missing the point. A bicycle doesn't have to be difficult. Sure, some people turn to bicycles for nothing more than pure exercise. And many people commute on standard bicycles... yet many more don't. An easy to use bicycle goes a long way in bringing this portion of the population into the fold.

Electric bikes come in a variety of frame sizes and styles, all adding to rider comfort and ease of use. Models with step-through frames are easy to mount. They require very little lifting of the leg to get on them. Step-through frames are accessible to everyone, no matter their height, anatomy, or physical requirements. Out of our line of eZee bikes, the eZee Sprint and the eZee Chopper are step-through models.

All electric bikes are built to be comfortable. They feature suspension and soft seats, all features that keep the commuter in mind. Some models go above and beyond. Take the eZee Cadence, for example. With its large tires, full suspension, and wide cruiser-style handlebars (allowing you to sit fully upright), the Cadence is a comfort ride through and through. An electric bike is an easy bike, and the Cadence is an easy electric bike: if we remember our math correctly, that makes 'easy' squared (that's right, we're talking about exponential easiness now.) When you are done riding your electric bike, you simply plug the charger into an outlet to restore the battery. The smart charger won't overcharge the battery, which means that it doesn't need to be monitored; it'll simply be ready for use the next time you need it. In sum, an electric bike is an easy bike.

Electric bikes aren't just about practicality, they're also about having fun. In order for an electric bike to be fun, it needs to be an easy bike.

A good folding bike is easy to fold


The same applies to this generation of folding bikes. With a few quick steps, an easy to ride bike turns into an easy to carry parcel. You take it onto the train or into a store or restaurant. When you're done and ready to go, your parcel becomes a bike again. When you get home or to the office, the folding bike is easy to store. Simply put, a good folding bike will be easy to fold and will integrate into your life seamlessly, offering you more freedom and saving you on time and money, boosting your health and helping to conserve your environment at the same time. Brompton folding bikes fold and unfold in ten seconds, maintaining a well-protected, lightweight and compact form when folded. 'Easy to fold' takes on a new definition with the Brompton. The Dahon folding bikes fit into the 'easy to fold' category as well, requiring only a few quick steps. What the cell phone did for personal communication, these bikes do for personal transportation.

All in all, when it comes to alternative transportation, whether it be an electric bicycle or a folding bicycle, the needs of the user are in the forefront. Easy bikes are key.