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The AWD (All Wheel Drive) EVO employs the use of not one, but two hub motors. The rear wheel... more


Product information "Easy Motion EVO AWD Big Bud Pro"
Battery: 600
Max Range: 40
Speeds: 16
Weight: 63
Wheel Size: 26
Motor Type: Front&RearHub
A powerful electric fat bike to handle any terrain! It is equipped with front and rear hub motors to make climbing and winter riding a breeze! This bike is one size, comes in an 18" frame only. Comes with the best warranty in the industry: 2 Years Battery, 5 Years on all other non wear and tear parts, and even a 1 year labor warranty!

The AWD (All Wheel Drive) EVO employs the use of not one, but two hub motors. The rear wheel uses a 350W, with a 250W motor powering the front wheel. Along with 4” wide tires, this bike offers more trail climbing grip than an octopus. Power is provided by Easy Motion’s 600 watt hour Lithium Ion battery hidden in the frame using the same new alloy housing as the other 2017 EVO bikes. There are a greater number of riding modes offered, compared to its other EVO counterparts. In addition to the 4 levels of assist, you can choose to send power to the font hub only or both wheels at the same time. An additional ECO mode will drive the rear motor first to get you going, and then switch power to the smaller front motor once you are up to speed to maximize the distance you can cover per charge on each assist level.

New for 2017 Easy Motion Evo Line!

High Efficiency Rear Motor

The 500W motor has is tuned to provide more power with a peak output of 740W. The new motor also includes a new thru-axle design that facilitates easier removal and installation of the rear wheel. This is paired with a new external motor wire catch that further eases the wheel changing process in case of a puncture. It is a compact gear motor that allows optimal integration without visual impact and coupling without sacrificing performance. The high efficiency 48V rear motor, reduces energy losses by 25% in the circuit, reduces electric noise, and increases performance up to 91% for increased range. It allows the use of conventional gear set - double chainring or internal change - and without any type of resistance in the «non-assistance» mode.

EVO Battery

EVO models for 2017 will come with 500Wh Lithium Ion batteries that net a maximum range of 65miles. A larger 600Wh Lithium Ion battery can be found on the Pro models and will be available aftermarket offering a range up to 90 miles. The battery is now housed in an aluminum shell. This new shell aids in heat management while also blending into the frame. The BMS (battery management system) has been dramatically improved as well. Power consumption is more closely controlled to increase range. There is also an automatic Deep Sleep mode that activates if the battery has not been used for a while. This mode allows the battery to be stored with power levels as low as 10% and recharged up to 400 days later. 80% charge can be achieved in 2 hours with full charge reached in 4 hours.

EVO Frame

The frame has been redesigned and the thickness of the tubes reduced resulting in a weight reduction of 600g.


• Eco 1:0.7 • Standard 1:1.5 • Sport 1:2.5 • Boost 1:3.75

Removable Display

The side mounted display has been updated with new easier to use buttons and improved LCD display. The Pro models will come with a new, large center mount display. • Range information, battery capacity in %, time, speed, total or journey distance. • Assistance mode • Switching back light on/off • Wheel size adjustments • Km/Miles selector • Motor selection (Only AWD models)

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