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eBike battery installation instructions

We designed this solution for eBike electric bikes that have the charger case missing or broken. This battery pack can be removed as easy for charging as the original one that came with the bike.

    Here are the instructions on how to install it:

  • Make sure the fuse on the battery pack is removed, it is located on the end of the pack, next to the charging plug. Pull the small tab, remove the cap and then pull out the colored automotive fuse and save for later)
  • Check for a black piece of plastic with two connector pins, inside your eBikes battery compartment. This plastic block needs to be removed for the new battery pack to be connected
  • Attach the wires you have just unscrewed from the back of that black plastic block and blot them together with the short wires/plug assembly. Make sure to match red with red and black with black wires. Slide the shrink tubing over the connectors and use a flame from a match or lighter to shrink it so it tightly fits and avoids the 2 connections to touch each other.
  • Re-insert the fuse you removed earlier.
  • Of this is a 24 volt system or a 36 volt 7ah system, you are done, just slide the battery pack into the bike with the charger plug facing out and up. Plug in the wire coming out from the bottom of the battery and plug it into the wire you attached to the bike earlier.
  • If you purchased the range extender 36 volt 12ah system, feed the second wire from the bottom of the battery out though the accessory door on the rear of the bike and up towards your luggage rack and plug it into the second battery sitting on the rack.