Ecobike Vatavio: An Affordable, Portable Electric Bike

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Ecobike Vatavio: An Affordable, Portable Electric Bike

These days, you can find an electric bike almost anywhere. Best Buy carries them, Toys R Us carries them, and you can even order them online and have them delivered. It's some stiff competition, especially for a small shop like NYCeWheels. We've recently narrowed down our selection of electric bikes to include only Lithium-based bikes with the best range per charge. These are some of the best bikes out there, but they do tend to be a bit more costly than the models found at department stores. You don't have to be an expert to know that a Lithium-based bike will go much further and probably hold up better in the long run. However, some people just want to try an electric bike, so they're looking for something affordable, something light, and something that is good quality.

Ecobike Vatavio: The Folding Electric Bike

One of our lowest priced bikes is the Ecobike Vatavio electric folding bike. At 49 pounds, this is one of the lightest electric bikes in our store, and it folds down so it can be stored in the trunk of a car, or carried on a train. The 36-Volt 8 Amp-hour Lithium battery drives a 290 watt motor in the rear wheel, giving a nice boost of electric power as you ride.

The motor has two modes of operation. When you turn the electric power on, you'll get an automatic motor assistance as you pedal. This pedelec mode is fantastic if you still want to feel like riding a bike. It takes much of the strain off of hills. If you get too tired, you can pull the throttle and get power on demand. This will override the pedelec mode and power you at full speed. The combination of ebike and pedelec modes makes the Ecobike Vatavio one of the more versatile electric bikes in our store.

Ecobike Vatavio is a Commuter's Dream

Folding electric bikes are a rare breed, and the Ecobike Vatavio excels in both categories. It comes with a carrying bag, so while you're in transit, your bike can stay concealed for easy storage on a train, bus, or subway ride. The battery will power the bike between 15 and 20 miles, usually more than enough for any commuter. Run out of juice? You've got six gears on this bike, so hills aren't a problem, even without electric power.

The 20" wheels are equipped with Kevlar tires, a puncture-resistant material that is great for city streets. The Vatavio also has front and rear fenders to protect against wet weather, and a rear rack that can be used to carry extra cargo (including the carrying bag).

For an entry-level electric bike that is both versatile as well as affordable, the Ecobike Vatavio folding electric bike is the best bet. Come in and take it for a test ride!