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eFlow Nitro Electric Bike Review

eFlow Nitro powerful electric bikeThis is Jeremy here with a review on the eFlow Nitro, a powerful electric bicycle from Currie Technologies. I just had the privilege of test riding one of these amazing bikes and have a lot to share about my experience with it. To start off, the eFlow bike is a large bicycle. I am a 5' 11" rider and had to do a little bit of a jump to get on and situated. Once on I had absolutely no idea of the thrilling trip I was about to embark on. One of the first things that becomes evident is that the eFlow Nitro helps you along the way. While pedaling you will feel the back wheel automatically giving you that extra boost. This feature is especially beneficial in getting you around faster and with extreme ease.

Speed and Stopping Power

While you have the traditional option of using the pedals with that extra kick, you also get the handlebar throttle works like a motorcycle when twisted, so the electric bike zooms you forward without any need for pedaling. I decided to test both features out and see how they differ by cycling uphill through Central Park all the way to its northernmost edge at 110th street. With my hands freezing from the windchill, I felt like I was flying as I sped on up the hills and barreled around the park's wide turns.eFlow Electric bike computer

And speaking of speed, the hand brakes on the eFlow Nitro are spot on. No matter how fast you are flying through the wind or downhill, the moment you pull on the breaks the eFlow Nitro comes to a complete stop without any skidding. This proved to be a great help when riding through thick traffic on narrow streets. With vehicles constantly stopping and starting without warning, it felt excellent to be able to do the same and stop abruptly as needed. This combination of speed and stopping power makes the eFlow one of the best electric bikes for commuting.

Comfortable, Beautiful, Powerful

The eFlow is equipped with a small digital computer that tracks your distance traveled as well as the your miles per hour during your entire ride. It was nice to be able to quickly look down while riding and see exactly how fast I was going and how much distance I had covered in such a short amount of time. A few other great things about the eFlow electric bike include its highly comfortable geometry, handsome black matte aesthetic, and buttery eFlow adjustable suspensionsmooth ride even when trekking down bumpy debris covered paths. The adjustable suspension fork and cushy hand grips are great at absorbing some of the shock you may encounter on larger dips and bumps, so riding the eFlow Nitro felt like flying through the clouds.

The eFlow Nitro's battery rests right below the seat which keeps it balanced and stable, and is also easily removable for charging. While riding you will always feel the power right beneath you and all throughout the build of this amazing and beautifully designed machine. I would highly recommend this bicycle to anyone that is looking to get around faster, that has a need to tackle uneven terrain and steep hills, and even to anyone just looking for a fun, exhilarating and intense bicycle to explore with. The Currie Technologies eFlow Nitro electric bike is the complete package: functionality, style, and strength united to make a truly fun bicycle.