BionX Electric Bicycle Motor Kit

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BionX Electric Bicycle Motor Kit

So many trips close to home are made by car. Even trips within 2 miles of your home may seem out of range of a bicycle. And it may not even be that you don't normally ride a bicycle, there are a lot of reasons people dismiss bicycling as a reasonable means of daily transportation. But it doesn't have to be that way. The answer comes with a BionX electric bicycle motor kit.

What is an electric bicycle motor kit?

Well, simply put it is an electric bike motor that you install on your bicycle which runs off of a rechargeable battery. There are many varieties but the most efficient is the pedelec BionX electric bicycle kit. This kit uses a high capacity Lithium battery and a sophisticated power control system to deliver superior range and smooth assistance. A BionX bike is almost like a hybrid car, running on a combination of your leg power augmented by electricity. This allows you to go farther and pull more weight than you could normally, giving you a light workout without draining all your energy for the rest of the day.

How would I use a BionX electric bicycle motor kit for errands?

The most common reason people drive a car over riding a bike is they don't have a bike. So overlooking that one, let's look at the other most common reasons.

"I would ride a bike there but I have to take my kids with me." In this case you could pull a child trailer behind your bicycle but it seems like the effort would be too much and you would rather drive. Well, with an electric bicycle motor kit you can use the electric bike motor assistance to cancel out the weight of your bike, the trailer, and the kids, as if you were just riding a nice light bicycle. If it still gets to be too much you can always use the built in throttle to power up a steep hill without even pedaling.

"I would ride a bike there but I have to get groceries." Here again a simple bicycle trailer would pay for itself in the cost of gas after only a few trips but it is the weight issue. With the same token you can use your electric bicycle motor kit to power through the return trip as if you weren't carrying any groceries at all. You'll still have energy left to make dinner and play with the kids because you didn't have to over exert yourself.

"I would ride a bike but I have to be awake for work." This is a bit of a self deception. In reality cycling will increase your energy level over time so you have more energy for those daily activities that are a bit boring. It is still a valid point however, so lets take a look. With an electric bicycle motor kit on your BionX bike you can work out just as much as you want, getting where you need to go with the energy you need left over.

"I used to ride but I'm to old for that stuff now." This is a pretty common reason to not ride even for people who were very active in their youth. Thankfully a Bionx electric kit can help here too. With an electric bicycle motor kit on your bicycle you can regain some of your own strength as you ease back into a more active lifestyle. You could even be the one getting groceries on a bicycle if you had a BionX bike.

So you see even though there are many good reasons for not riding a bicycle on those 2 mile trips there are just as many good reasons an electric bicycle motor kit can make it possible. Make a change in your life for the better by increasing your daily activity level with a few short bicycle trips, an electric bicycle motor kit can make it possible.