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Electric Bicycles: The Real Deal

Electric Bicycles: What I Expected

My ideas about electric bikes were split between two opposite ends of the spectrum. I thought that they would either be A) synonymous with mopeds- noisy, fast, with pedals just for show, or B) novelty bicycles- useless for all practical purposes. The concept of an electric bicycle was, for all intents and purposes, lost on me. That is, until I found myself riding one...

Electric Bikes: The Reality

Picture this scene, if you will: you're on an electric bicycle, riding down a country road (or pleasant suburb, or bustling city street- this is your vision here). The wind is in your hair; the pedal-assist is on. And while you're still pedaling, it feels, well, almost effortless. The gentle hum of the electric motor reassures you that your bike is your partner, willing to do some of the work for you, and, if need be, take over completely for a little while, should you need a short rest.

This is the reality of electric bikes. Sounds nice, doesn't it? It is. Oh, believe me, it is. Electric bikes have come a long way. They are neither moped nor novelty, they are simply wonderful machines. These days, riders of all types can find the right e-bike to benefit them. And with conversion kits like BionX, you can turn most any bike into an electric beauty. Plus, electric bikes can travel at about 18mph for 10-25 miles per charge, so you know you'll get to your destination in a timely manner. Depending on your needs, you can find an e-bike with throttle control, letting you control the amount of power, or a purely pedal-assist bike, which assists you based on the pressure of your own pedaling. Either way, electric powered bicycles make cycling less strenuous, allowing you to really enjoy your ride.

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