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Electric Bike Conversion Kits: Perfect Rehabilitation

Have you just had a recent surgery? Had a bone broken? Are you developing arthritis, or have aching joints? As we get older, some aspects of the human body start to develop annoying aches and pains, and it's not as easy to do physical activity as it once was. For an avid cyclist, this can be very discouraging, especially if the affliction is in the legs. Luckily, there are ways to enjoy riding a bike, even if your legs are weaker than they used to be.

Adding some electric power to a bicycle may seem like a cop out, but it can really be helpful to gradually ease back into riding a bicycle. Many professional cyclists use electric bike conversion kits if they've had a serious injury and cannot pedal a bike with full power. It's a great idea for recovery from surgery, assistance for aching joints, or just plain fun.

Rehabilitate Your Legs with an Electric Conversion Kit

For a temporary recovery period, an electric bike conversion kit works wonders. Do you have a bike that you really love? No problem. Electric conversion kits can fit to almost any bike frame, from road bikes to mountain bikes to recumbents. One of the best electric bike conversion kits on the market is the BionX electric motor kit. This uses a torque-sensitive motor that assists the rider with a proportional pedal assistance. Start out using 200% power and build up the weak muscles. During rehabilitation, the BionX motor kit really helps to gradually build up a muscle by using varying degrees of motor power. You can even use a BionX electric bike kit as a workout bike for both legs, by setting the motor to "regeneration" mode. This actually resists the rider's pedaling, and charges the battery. It's a great workout for calf muscles.

Electric Bike Conversion Kits Aid Aching Joints

Many people are not recovering from surgery, but the aches and pains of aging joints keep them from riding a bicycle. If you fall into this category, don't despair! An electric bike conversion kit can bring back the joys of biking without the aches and pains. Use the electric power to get up steep hills without straining.The smooth pedal-assist motor feels like a hand is gently pushing you along. If your joints begin to ache, just press in the throttle and get a burst of power from the motor.

The best part about these new electric bike conversion kits is the duration of the battery life. A lithium battery will last twenty miles on a single charge. With most commuters traveling between 2-5 miles per day, this is more than enough for most trips. On longer rides, an electric conversion kit like BionX can be charged using regenerative braking to extend the trip to thirty or forty miles!

Whether you're recovering from an injury, or having a chronic injury that prevents you from enjoying a bicycle ride, an electric bike conversion kit can help. Even after all of the health benefits, electric power is just plain fun. Once you try it, it's going to be difficult to try to go back to a pedal-powered bike.

Check out some different types of electric bike conversion kits at NYCeWheels, and electrify a bike of your own!