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Electric bike conversion|bicycle motor conversion kits

Electric bike conversions have become very popular in recent years. If you are looking to keep your existing bicycle (you just love it, it just perfectly fits you or your first girl/boy friend gave it to you) an electric bicycle conversion is the way to go.

The electric bike conversion - includes:

  • An electric motor: 350 watt hub motors seem to be to most popular.
  • A battery: 36 volt 10 Amp-hour lithium type batteries seem to be the norm
  • A controller: the brain of a bicycle with motor assistance
  • Throttle or dash-panel: Some systems like the Bionx electric bike conversion have a dual pedelec/ebike system with throttle and pedelec controls right on the handlebar.
  • Charger: The typical electric bike conversion uses a 3-Amp charger which takes about 3-6 hours to fully recharge the Lithium battery.

A bicycle electric conversion fits most standard bicycles like mountain bikes, hybrid bicycles or cruisers. Recumbent bikes, trikes, home build bicycles and tadpole trikes are very popular these days. Because of its lightweight design, the Bionx electric bike conversion works best for these type of bicycles.

Electric bike conversion pricing

Prices vary from $199 to around $2000. As with most other consumer electronics products, you get what you pay for. We use to carry those $600 electric bicycle conversion systems many, many years back but quickly realized they sure do not create happy customers or great relationships. We have had a lot of success in the $1200 to $1800 price range. For example, the BionX electric bike kit ranges from $1490 to $1900 (as of 2010). That is a lot of money compared to some cheaper electric bike conversions. Well, at least it seems like it but in reality, the BionX battery is still going strong on systems that we have sold 4-5 years ago. Customers of cheaper systems had to replace their expensive batteries 2-3 times in the same time period.

Why an electric bike conversion, not an ebike

Electric bikes are for the most part build like cars, one size fits all. So if you are 6'3" and drive a Mini Cooper convertible, your head will stick out over the top, that's cool and fun. With bikes its a bit different, if you want to get the most efficiency from your pedaling effort the bike needs to fit as close as possible. An electric bike conversion lets you either purchase the perfect fitting ride or use the one you already have sitting in your garage. Electric bicycle conversions have no limits when it comes to customization.

What is most obvious advantage / disadvantage comparing ebikes to a DIY electric bike conversion? If you have absolutely no experience in bicycle maintenance, don't have a friend that does or don't want a local bicycle shop to do it for you, a ready to ride electric bike would make more sense. Electric bikes come in limited styles, non-powered bicycles come in every possible flavor and most can easily be converted with an electric bike conversion kit.

The best electric bike conversion kit?

We have tried truckloads of them over the many years we have been doing electric bikes. We can say with confidence that the Bionx electric bike conversion is the finest money can buy. Yes, it is the most expensive but no other system can touch it. The BionX is the most efficient, lightest weight electric bicycle conversion on the market today. Check our electric bike conversion kit review section for solid proof provided by happy BionX customers.

If you have a nice bike, want something really special or ride a unique bicycle, an electric bike conversion is the way to go. If you want the finest system available, the BionX electric bike kit is made for you.