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Electric bike for food deliveries

The Best NYC Delivery Bike  

In a list of the toughest and most dangerous jobs in the world, you'd have to include bike delivery in New York City right alongside Alaskan king crab fishing and storm chasing. These guys work twelve hour days in the heart of Manhattan, dodging cabs, buses, crater-sized potholes, and oblivious tourists wandering into the bike lanes. On a regular bike, they're under constant stress and are drained of energy very quickly. It's certainly not the most glamorous career choice.

Old Style Delivery Bike So how does life get easier as a delivery guy in New York City? You're working long, exhausting shifts delivering across Manhattan and dealing with angry cabbies all day long. You come home every night stressed and tired, barely able to contain your anger from all the under-tipping customers. Where can you catch a break? Maybe you should just go up to Alaska and give crab fishing a try. At least the ocean isn't honking at you all day long.

A Delivery Bike With A Motor


Behold! The electric bicycle! It helps you pedal when you're tired. It can go across the island 10 times before you need to recharge it. It helps you to save energy and cuts back on stress. Restaurants can expand their delivery radius, the food arrives hot, and tips are even getting bigger. Everyone wins.

Our eZee Forza is the perfect electric delivery bike. It comes with front and rear disc brakes, for the best stopping power in the city. Its Lithium batteries will last for 20 miles, and with a spare battery waiting at the restaurant, you can run all day on this bike. Our new Forza Sport model is stripped down to the bare minimum, making it the toughest electric delivery bicycle. Less accessories means less maintenance when you beat this bike up on delivery rounds.

Old Style Delivery Bike "But my bike is perfectly fine! Why should I get a new electric delivery bike if I have one that works?" Well put, but wouldn't you love to add some electric assistance to ease your troubles? The BionX Electric Motor Kit can be installed easily on almost any bike, providing you with some much-needed assistance when weariness sets in. If you start to get tired, just kick in the electric motor and let the bike do the work for you!

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