The electric bike kit: a beginner's guide

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The electric bike kit: a beginner's guide

We've carried a range of electric bike kits over the years. But after working with all those systems we've decided to carry just one high-quality electric bike conversion kit: The BionX conversion kit. Still, it's important for you to understand how to make a good informed decision when choosing an electric bike conversion kit.

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Approaching your electric bike kit purchase: the steps and research along the way

1) Understanding the terminology surrounding conversion kits

So you've been introduced to the idea of electric kits for bicycles. Maybe you saw one on the street, met a fellow with one in a supermarket parking lot, saw something on TV, or heard something from a friend. Naturally, your first step is to do some research online. But what do you look for? People in your exact position often search for terms like electric bike kits, bicycle engine kits, and electric bike motor. Sometimes these searches will bring you to things that you did not intend. For example: gas-powered conversion kits. If you're looking for something clean, safe, low-maintenance, and legal, gas power is the opposite of what you were looking for. 'Electric' is key here. All of that said, your first important step is to understand your terms.

2) Understanding the basics of the electric bike kit

Now that you have your terms down, you'll want to research the basics of the electric bike kit. What does using an electric bike kit entail? How long have electric bike motors been around? What should I be taking into consideration?

The BionX has 3 basic parts:

  • Motor - The motor comes built into a wheel, just replace your current wheel with the BionX setup.
  • Battery - The battery powers the system and can be charged on or off the bike. It has a lock so you can secure it to the bike if desired.
  • Console - The console is where you tell the BionX what to do and how to do it. Want more or less power? Wondering how far you've gone? It's all there.

3) Deciding on the best option for you

Now that you know the basics you need decide figure out whether a pre-built electric bike or an electric bike kit would be a better solution for you. Answering these questions can help:

  • Do you have a bike that fits you nicely which you can convert?
  • Will you be pulling any extra weight or climbing particularly steep hills?
  • How far will you need to go on a typical trip?
  • What is your budget?
  • Once you have all of this in mind, you need to ask yourself: do I want an electric bike kit, or would I rather buy a pre-built electric bike? We carry a variety of electric bikes with motors and batteries already integrated and installed on them. These tend to be a bit more expensive than electric bike kits (as they not only include the electric system, but the bike as well). If you get everything you want out of a pre-built electric bike, that would be the best option for you.

    Electric bike kits can offer some options that pre-built electric bikes do not:

    1. The result will be lighter over all - add only 16 to 20 lbs to your bike!
    2. You can adapt special styles of bike - recumbent, trike, folding etc.
    3. You'll keep the bike you already own - chances are it fits you well
    4. All the money you spend goes to the electric system - on electric bikes you also pay for the frame and components. With an electric bike kit you're only paying for what counts, the electric part!

    You can find an article on how to weigh out all of your options and a list of the things you need to consider when making this decision here:
    "Two paths to enjoying the benefits of an electric bike motor."

    4) Selecting an electric bike kit

    To compare kits and options, check our BionX electric bike page which details all the available options.

    Curious as to what comes in the box when you order a Bionx electric bike kit? Why, you can take a gander right here:
    Bionx electric bike kit, in the box.

    Any remaining questions you may have about your BionX can be found at our
    Bionx electric bike kit FAQ page.

    Important note: Always make sure you get your bicycle motor kit from an official dealer with the knowledge, expertise, and resources to offer you full product support after the sale. A discount shop without a phone number is to be avoided.