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Why an Electric bike kit?

I am just taking a wild guess but would think that at least 80% of all bicycles are sitting in the garage for many years since they were purchased. Why? They are too much work, the hills are too steep, too strong headwind on the way back, the kids trailer is too heavy and so on.. An electric bike kit can be the solution to your problem.

Most of those countless bikes can be revived to their original purpose of being a useful and fun product by installing an electric bike kit. The electric bike kit will add enough assist to remove those annoying hills and headwinds and even let the kids fill up their trailer with their favorite rock collection. You can finally catch up with that cute one riding that bike to work every morning and say hello ; )

Most any electric bike kit will fit on standard bicycles and there a few different systems to choose from. The Best electric bike kit available to date is the BionX bike kit. The BionX kit is installed on the rear of the bicycle allowing it to use a proportional torque sensor to calculate how much help you need and automatically assists you as needed without using a throttle.

The eZeebike kit is a front hub-motor electric bike kit and your only choice if you own a bicycle with an internally geared hub in the rear. The eZee bike kit easily installs on most any bicycle, except for non-suspension forks made of aluminum. Both systems come with the latest generation Lithium battery technology that keeps your electric bike light weight and enjoyable to ride. Lithium batteries also have a much longer life cycle than older technology batteries. The lithium battery on an electric bike kit needs to be carefully tested by the manufacturer to perfectly match your systems current draw to provided maximum life cycles, stay away from home-build kits from no-name brands. The price tag might look tempting but the batteries will soon collapse and usually parts are hard to get. It makes sense to pay a bit more and get the right electric bike kit or you will just have the bike sitting in the garage again - this time hundreds of dollars more into it.

Should I buy an electric bike kit or a complete eBike? It depends on the bike you own. If you really like your bike and would like to ride it again, I recommend installing an electric bike kit. Sure you can purchase a ready build eBike, an many cases for less money but it will not be your trusted bike that you always wanted to ride again. Your bike might have the perfect saddle, that beautiful paint job or its a gift from someone special.

You would not purchase an electric bike kit to save money, most of them are more expensive than ready to ride electric bikes. An electric bike kit can be a great project for a weekend with the kids. Although installation requires some basic mechanical knowledge, most customers install the motor kits on their own, some let a local bike shop handle it. A BionX electric bike kit can be installed within an hour and a half by a mechanic, about 3-4 hours for a hobbyist.

Check our electric bike kit section for an electric bike kit that might fit your needs. We are glad to answer all your questions if you are unsure if your bike will work or makes sense to convert.

An electric bike kit can get you back on the road to enjoy the outdoors, have way more fun getting to work and maybe save time going to the beach on the weekend. Also read this useful guide to pick the right electric bike kit to fit your needs.