Should I get an ebike or an electric bike motor kit?

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Should I get an ebike or an electric bike motor kit?

Different routes to enjoying an electric bike motor

When presented with all of their options in an electric ride, one question always remains for the potential customer: why pick an electric bike motor conversion kit over an electric bike, or vice versa? What does one have to offer that the other does not? To begin our answer, that all depends on you and what you need.
An electric bike is pre-built. The electric bike motor is already installed, the throttle or controller is mounted on the handlebar, the battery has its set location, and all of the wiring is routed and connected. The electric bike is ready to go. When it comes to an electric bike, your options are a bit more limited as there aren't nearly as many electric bike manufacturers as there are standard bike manufacturers. You can get road bikes, mountain bikes, hybrids, BMXs, folding bikes, downhill bikes, recumbents, and any other assortment, in various frame sizes, designs, numbers of speeds, and colors. Countless new models come out every year, and what has already been produced is still out there. No matter what you want, a bike that meets your needs perfectly exists. When it comes to electric bikes, they aren't manufactured by as many companies or in as many models, nor have they been around for decades.

While you do have a good amount of choices, it's possible that the perfect pre-built electric bike for you does not exist. You may find that one of the models that we stock offers exactly what you need, and is therefore the best electric bike for you. If your requirements are that you have a comfortable, upright ride, the eZee Cadence would be great for you. If you're looking for something compact with great hill climbing ability, look no further than the eZee Chopper. If you want something sporty, sleek, and with all of the bells and whistles, the eZee forza is the way to go.

But what if you already own the perfect bike for you and you just want to make it electric, as it has no pre-existing electric counterpart? What if you want something very unique that isn't offered in all of the models available? What if you want a folding electric bike? Sure, the IF Reach DC folds. It's one of our best selling electric bikes. But if you want other options not available on the Reach DC, another path is available to you. You can purchase the folding bike that you want, or take the folding bike that you already own and love, and add an electric bike motor kit to it. Electric bike motors come as parts or full conversion kits that include the motor, the battery, the throttle or controller, and any mounting and wiring you'd need. You might be hard-pressed to find a pre-built electric recumbent bike out there as well. Install an electric bike motor and you're set. You get everything you want.

People install electric bike motors on un-powered bikes as well. You don't need to have a unique bike to make this a worthwhile option. You might already be riding the bike of your dreams, perfect in every way, except for the fact that it isn't electric. In addition, adding an electric bike motor to a bicycle will often result in a lighter end product than purchasing a pre-built electric bike. So, if you need your electric ride to be as light as possible, consider installing an electric bike motor onto your ride instead of purchasing a pre-built electric bike.

Another detail to pay attention to is the style of electric assistance. One model of electric bike will operate in a certain manner, while electric conversion kits like the Bionx system operate differently, or in some cases offer more options in assistance. An eZee bike will offer a simpler interface, while the BionX electric bike kit offers more options to customize your ride, which can be changed while riding. You may greatly prefer one style over the other.

The cost of a pre-built electric bike vs. the cost of an electric bike motor conversion kit

One thing we're sure you're paying attention to is prices. A high-end Bionx conversion kit will cost the same as a high-end electric bike. However, with a pre-built electric bike you get everything: the bike with the electric system already installed and integrated. With a conversion kit, you need to supply the bike yourself or purchase it with the kit, to be installed by us, by your local bike shop, or by yourself. That said, if you don't need everything the conversion kit offers, a pre-built electric bike will be a more cost-effective option for you.

So, if a pre-built electric bike gets the job done and has everything you would want and need, opt for the pre-built electric bike. If not, then review the different set of advantages and all of the options a conversion kit has to offer. If a pre-built electric bike doesn't do the trick, a conversion kit will. You can even read some electric bike kit reviews by customers who have actually done this. In either scenario, you'll end up getting what you want out of an electric bike motor. Electric bike and electric bike motor conversion kit customers are generally happy to voice their electric bike conversions experience and pitfalls, so if you'd like even more input before making your decision, ask us and ask around!