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2012 Electric Bike Worldwide Report - Featuring NYCeWheels!

From the review: "2012 was marked by strong sales for NYC electric bicycle dealer NYCeWheels. Up more than 50% again in 2012, they found steady sales of electric bicycles to be the norm. Last year's strong sellers continued to lead with the primary players remaining the Stromer, eBrompton, and BionX. Our customers mainly look for high end product and not much interest in older ebike designs even if price is much lower. That was of course great for us and at times we could hardly keep up with the demand we faced. It's a fantastic challenge to grapple with."

Read the complete NYCeWheels review from the 2012 Electric Bike Worldwide Report. Or click to read the full 2012 Electric Bike Worldwide Report!

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Blog Announces New Electric Folding Bike Kit!

There are plenty of electric bike motor kits out there but very few work on folding bikes without modification. No longer! We've developed an electric folding bike kit that is tailored to the exact needs of folding bicycles and it's been announced on our blog!

The kit was originally designed around the Brompton folding bike but can be used with almost any folding bicycle with 16 to 20 inch wheels. Our electric folding bike kit blog focuses on a particular installation on a Dahon folding bike called the Bullhead.

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Stromer electric bicycle now at NYCeWheels

The Stromer electric bike, a Swiss design, is now on the floor at NYCeWheels and we're proud to have it too. This electric bicycle uses 2 modes: power on demand and pedal assistance. It is one of the best we've ever carried and with top quality components it is a bike to last as well.

Mark rode the Stromer bike for the first time and was very impressed by the power and feel of this electric bike. His Stromer electric bike review details the fun and adventure his first Stromer bike experience.