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Electric Bikes and Commuting: What You Need To Know

Commuting by electric bicycle is becoming more and more common. As the number of electric bike commuters taking to the street grows each day regular commuters are beginning to take notice. Electric bikes aren't just for the delivery guys and the tinkerers. This is a real and mainstream movement towards bicycles augmented by an electric motor. So you're here, looking to learn more about electric bike commuting, where do we begin? Let's look at some common questions.

Who commutes by electric bike?

Anyone could theoretically commute by electric bicycle but who actually does? Most electric bike commuters have a fairly long daily ride and when they arrive they can't be huffing and puffing and sweating. So, if you work in an office type job where presentation is paramount you may be just that type of electric biker. But that's not the only type of electric bike commuter.

There are also many electric bikes used as an alternative for cars on all those short term trips where driving just doesn't make sense. Many people use electric bicycles in combination with bike trailers to create a sort of electric bike commuting sport utility vehicle. We actually have a whole article written on just that. These people enjoy riding a bike but they need a little bit of assistance to go out everyday and get their stuff done, whether it is picking up kids at school, getting groceries, or going shopping.

Which electric bikes are good for commuting?

The right electric commuter bike for one person may not be the right one for the next. The fact is that they are all good but some have special applications. Let's say one person lives in the country and the other lives in downtown in a metropolis. Rural homes tend to have a garage and lots of space so I'd say a full size electric bicycle with extra battery packs would be perfect. The city commuter values portability and compactness above all else so I'd say a folding electric bicycle would be best. In that case a Brompton electric bike would probably be the ideal way to go.

If electric bike commuting is something you're serious about you're in luck because this whole section is all about just that topic. Give a few of the articles below a read to learn more about electric bike commuting. If there's something you want to know and you can find it here let us know and we'll write up an article on it right away.

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