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Electric bikes are as cool as three Fonzies

Understanding the electric bike through metaphor  

Everybody learns things differently. There are those that like their information to be straightforward and dry, like in an instruction manual. Others find that pictures and diagrams are useful in grasping concepts. Some even prefer to learn through metaphor. When comparing two seemingly unrelated things with one another, sometimes an abstract truth is revealed that can't easily be put to words. Despite this, the understanding is deep and the idea is easily retained. There's your more obvious metaphors, like "Her heart is ice,' and then there are the more abstract ones. You know, the one's that Shakespeare dealt in, like "Juliet is the sun." Such a metaphor creates very powerful, abstract understandings in the reader. One can try to explain the metaphor in many different ways, and all explanations might be right... but in the end there's one core idea in the background that can't be completely conveyed outside of the metaphor itself.

Take the terms 'bouba' and 'kiki,' for example. Both are nonsense words that have no meaning in any language or culture. Yet, no matter your personal background, 'bouba' creates round, soft imagery. 'Kiki' creates sharp, angular imagery. Why does this effect occur? It's hard to say. The point is, an undeniable understanding of this abstract truth is there, hovering in the background of your mind.

This article on electric bikes is geared towards those of you that would better understand the versatility and function of the electric bike through metaphor. All of the above said, we don't have Shakespeare's talent. Our electric bike metaphors are not going to carry any overwhelming truths within them. In fact, our electric bike metaphors are going to be decidedly lowbrow. They will be safely wrapped in pop culture references. Not only will this be easier on us, but it will be easier on the general public as well. Everyone's seen 'MASH,' right? Right. And, on top of that, we're not even going to stick to metaphors. There will be plenty of similes mixed in there, the words 'like' and 'as' used greedily at every turn. Sometimes we'll even rest on basic analogies.

Electric bike metaphors are fun for the whole family!


On electric bikes being fun and cool...

Electric bikes are like three Fonzies.
Electric bikes are that scene in the Journey music video for 'Separate Ways' where the keyboardist is playing his keyboard while it's mounted flush against a wall, the sleeves of his blazer rolled up to his elbows and his eyes locked on the camera. WHOA!
Electric bikes are a milkshake shared with your best gal on a Friday night.
Electric bikes are Hulk Hogan's Atomic Leg Drop performed on Sgt. Slaughter while the entire audience cheers.

On electric bikes being easy and simple...

Electric bikes are the golden days of your youth. Before you had a job. On summer break.
Electric bikes are to commuting what the Magic Bullet is to food-processing.
Electric bikes are the $200 answers in Double Jeopardy.
Electric bikes are any issue of The Amazing Spiderman where Spiderman had to fight Mysterio. Because c'mon, Mysterio was such a weak villain. No contest.

On electric bikes having a positive and transformative effect on your life, and being easily integrated into a wide variety of lifestyles and purposes...

Electric bikes are like the T1000 in 'Terminator 2,' except they're not evil and they're not from the future. ELECTRIC BIKES ARE HAPPENING RIGHT NOW IN THE PRESENT!
Electric bikes are David Bowie. You know, because he's changed his image and musical style countless times to fit into various niches. Plus his character in 'Labrynth' can transform. Into an owl. Essentially our argument is that electric bikes are used in countless ways by their riders, transforming for various purposes, and fitting into many categories of use.

On electric bikes being healthy for you and the environment...

Captain Planet would ride an electric bike. That's not a metaphor, simile, or analogy. It's just a fact.
Electric bikes are Bill S. Preston Esq. and Ted "Theodore" Logan's Wyld Stallyns bringing peace and harmony to the world by way of some most excellent guitar solos.

We'll add to the list as time goes on. We promise that we'll make efforts to make the list better (i.e. more intelligible) with each future entry. Perhaps we'll even employ some actual metaphors.

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