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Electric bikes are pure fun!

Electric bikes are meant to be practical but electric bikes are also meant to be fun

Electric bikes are frequently discussed in relation to their ability to transform one's commute. They make riding easier and quicker (an electric bike is an easy bike), they save you money, and they don't pollute. For many, the electric bike is the ideal form of transportation, offering all of the benefits of a standard bicycle but without many of the drawbacks. In discussing the usefulness and transformative powers of the electric bike, the conversation tends to center on the practicality of the whole endeavor. As such, there is one large detail that doesn't get the attention it deserves: electric bikes are a lot of fun.

The 'fun' aspect of electric bicycles deserves just as much attention and discussion as the 'practicality' aspect does. The fact of the matter is, for every electric bike rider that has turned to electric bikes in order to improve their commute, health, and bank account, there is an electric bike rider that has turned to electric bikes simply because they enjoy riding them.

Electric bikes have a diverse riding community, which includes joy-seekers

Some people don't need to improve their commute. Some people are just looking to have some fun. For them, an electric bicycle is pure leisure. An electric bike will take them to the park on a sunny day. For those of you on the coasts, an electric bike will take you to the beaches and the boardwalks (New York and California electric bike riders know all about this.) You can zip along the bike paths with the wind in your hair without breaking a sweat. Depending on the electric bike, you can either pedal lightly or you can choose not to pedal at all. You have electric assistance at your disposal; with a twist of the wrist or a press of the thumb, your electric bike motor will kick in and take you for a ride. For some, an electric bicycle makes them feel like a Superman of sorts, which is definitely a kick.

We think the bicycle is one of the greatest things invented, and we readily acknowledge that bicycles are used for a wide variety of purposes. The same applies to electric bicycles. Whether an electric bike is being ridden for transportation or being ridden for fun, the point is that they're being ridden and this is all we could ask for. "Hey, I agree completely! I fall into the 'I ride an electric bike for fun' camp. So which electric bike would you recommend for a fellow of this philosophy?" Just to get you started, we suggest you take a look at the eZee Chopper. It accelerates quickly and it's high torque, a combination that ensures a good time.

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